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Getting in touch with your body and becoming more aware of how you hold yourself in different situations already begin to change the accumulation of stress in your system. As Rolfing frees up those old holding patterns that emotional history may also be released. You become more responsive than reactive, living more in the present than before and acting with more awareness. Note that react means repeat the act, where as respond means act responsibly.

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What's Rolfing?

Rolfing is a hands-on process of realigning the body in gravity. Feeling high or low, balanced or not, can depend on how we are relating to our environment and to gravity.

Rolfing intends to free up old holding patterns in the tissue and in our selves, promoting balance, grace, freedom of movement, grounding, centeredness. A core feeling of who and how we are.

Rolfing is as concerned with how people use their bodies as with their structural organisation to gravity. This philosophy reflects the commitment of Rolfing to view the human system as a whole.

How does Rolfing work?

By freeing up the fascia, or connective tissue, the body begins to regain its natural movement, balance, and harmony. Connective tissue is the stuff that holds us together. It binds muscles to bones, as tendons, bones to bones as ligaments. It forms the surface layers of organs and is wrapped around and invested through all the organs, tissues and muscles of the body.

Connective tissue also manages the strain we put through the body. As that strain is unbalanced, so the tissue thickens and shortens, bracing the body to handle the effects of overuse and trauma.

Rolfing works with the connective tissue to release those holding patterns, be it an old injury site, an often repeated strain as in RSI, or an emotional holding pattern like "the weight of the world on the shoulders". By separating muscles that have become glued together, restoring natural joint range, and reeducating movement, the body comes back towards alignment in gravity.

If you would like further information about Rolfing or to book an appointment, please call Dhyaana on Sydney 0458 644000.

Who can benefit from Rolfing?

Almost anyone, and at any age, can discover the benefits of Rolling.

Athletes, dancers, musicians, people from all walks of life come to Rolfing to find relief from pain and limitation and to improve their daily function and awareness.

Chronic pain sufferers or those people in physically or emotionally demanding situations often find a new and more effective way of relating, moving and being in their environment.

Do you feel down, or up? Heavy; or light? High, or low? This is the language of our relationship to gravity. Rolling aims for ease in that relationship. Our physical body can actually lift when at ease of gravity.

Scientific findings

  • A change to a more intuitive, holistic, receptive way of processing information and responding
  • Increased right brain activity and expanded awareness
  • Greater movement efficiency; feelings of wellbeing and less fatigue
  • Improved neuromuscular organization
  • Significant lowering of anxiety state, due to released emotions linked to pain patterns in the body
  • Resolution of chronic pain patterns

Client's comments after experiencing Rolfing

  • An ongoing sense of being lifted, my arms and legs hanging from my middle
  • So much more understanding and sensitivity of my body, and my self
  • I feel like my old self, only different, a new me
  • A sense of strength, solid and grounded
  • More living in my whole body, not just my head
  • Back into running, this time smooth and pain-free
  • I can look over my shoulder for the first time in years
  • No more back pain, Aikido is possible again
  • I've forgotten what it felt like to be limping
  • I've been untwisted


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