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Dec 2009


Phone 0456 038 103
Address 73 Bathurst St
Hobart TAS 7000
Servicing Areas Southern Tasmania and Greater Hobart

As the name suggests, naturopathy is taking a natural approach to treating a wide range of conditions and their associated symptoms.

TasWellbeing - Naturopathy


At TasWellbeing, we are huge advocates for a natural and holistic approach to health and one which includes herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, homoeopathy, and lifestyle advice. It’s all about uncovering the underlying issue behind your symptoms and treating them in non-invasive ways.

Naturopathy will help you to get back on the road to optimum health by improving your immune system and your gut health. Unlike pharmaceutical medicines which provide relief from just the symptoms, naturopathy looks to treat the cause of the symptoms. Furthermore, natural medicine also provides a supportive approach to the treatment of many commonly occurring degenerative issues.

Naturopathy treatments include:

  • Corrective Diet

  • Nutritional Medicine

  • Botanical Medicine

  • SCENAR Therapy (electroacupuncture)

  • Remedial Massage

At TasWellbeing we take great pride in our professional yet friendly approach as well as amazing follow-up care. Along with our supportive therapies, we stock a variety of high-quality prescribed products and supplements that give you every chance to enhance your overall wellbeing in the shortest possible time.

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