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Create a healthier life style for yourself during the year. Learn relaxation skills and become a Professional Tai Chi and Qigong Instructor. 2 Day workshop : .

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Hills Area, Bankstown, Lidcombe, Merrylands

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Stress management Stomach problem Relaxation Purpose Joy Circulation

We all share the same dream. Dreaming a happy life! Stress is affecting us everyday, it is the root cause of chronic illness such as headache, insomnia, depression, cancer. Prevent diseases. Act now! Create a healthy lifestyle and gain vital energy form 100% natural, relaxing and healing therapy. Balance yourself with Tai chi and Qigong classes. Call today to find out more!

Happy Living!

Professional service, flat rate for the community. TCFA's policy is sharing the skills and benefiting society.

Effective 1st January 2015, Term Fee (1 term 8 weeks)

Enrolment criteria
  • Over 18 years old, children should be guarded by parents. Enrolment fee $10.00 for a TCFA membership, school calendar, brochure and students handbook. Students are required to study the student handbook, understand the foundation of Tai Chi and health Qigong are part of Chinese medicine, your own body meridians.  All students are required to enrol before class start. 

Group classes Term fee (1 hour per class)
  • $118.00 per term, Casual rate : $ 20 per visit.
  • Pensioners: $98.00, pensioners must show your pension card to enrolment officer, casual visit $16.00
  • 1 venue for 2 continuous classes $ 160.00, pensioners $ 150

Gold Pass
  • Gold membership $699 per year ending application close at end of February each year, Gold pass allows you to access to all TCFA regular group classes. Gold pass allows you to access to all TCFA regular group classes. Gold pass member will enjoy 5% discounts with all TCFA services. Gold Pass does not includes special program and personal training.

Diamond Pass
  • Diamond membership $2300 per year guaranteed 40 hours personal training with limited booking only. Diamond Pass members are specially cared by Masters, enjoy 10% discount with all TCFA programs and products. Diamond pass is also entitled to attend to all TCFA group venues for free.

Private small group at Baulkham Hills TCFA studio within 6 people only trained by Masters 1.30 hour per class
  • Term payment : $ 160.00, pensioner : $ 150.00

Personal training
  • Rehabilitation by Tai Chi Master and Health Qigong acu-points specialist $98.00/hr, 8 continues rehabilitation training total of $ 660.00
  • Mobile personal training $ 220 per hour.
Refund policy
  • There is no refund within 7 days before the effective date. If students miss a class for personal reasons, students are welcome to “make up” calss at another time or venue in the same term period. If a withdrawal is due to exceptional circumstances, a refund may be made, but there will be an administration fee of $50.00.
  • Personal Training: For Cancellation policy we required a minimum of 24hours notice. Personal Training can be rescheduled but no refunds.

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FREE Introduction to Tai Chi Classes

We all share the same dream. Dreaming a happy life! Stress is affecting us everyday, it is the root cause of chronic illness such as headache, insomnia, depression, cancer....

Change of season is here.. From cold season to hot season! Our body is adjusting and coping for this new season, therefore, we are in danger of getting sick or we are already experiencing one now! This is best time to do some fitness workout and Tai Chi! Please enjoy our Free Introduction to Tai Chi Classes!

Prevent diseases. Take action now! Create a healthy lifestyle and gain vital energy from 100% natural, relaxing and healing therapy. Balance yourself with Tai chi and Qigong classes

For more information about workshops or our weekly classes, please visit our Website , give us a call or send an email


Tai Chi Rod and health qigong healing chi.

The Chen Style 83 will be taught in the new term at Merrlands by Master Michael Chu who is the student of Master Feng Zhiqiang

Private group of Hun Yuan Tai Chi 24, training gong and quan together.
Health Qigong and Tai chi Rod , Tai Chi ball will be taught at different venus

The power is from inner peace and self energy living! Tai Chi is no doubt one of best alternative medicine, 100% nature healing. TCFA team wish you enjoy the harmony balance life style of happy living in the new term.

  • Tai Chi Classes
  • Tai Chi Courses
  • Qigong Classes
  • Qigong Courses
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Tai Chi is a nature and body science. It is for everyone who wants to achieve happy living in the world. Tai Chi Fitness Australia (TCFA) is leading the way in Tai Chi & Qigong National and International Professional Training.

Tai Chi Human's wellbeing! TCFA offers everyone the opportunity to master the skills necessary to achieve wellbeing, which includes mind, body and spirit harmony and balance in living no matter what your age or fitness level.

Our motto is: Your Happy Living is Mine! Right from day one, when you join TCFA you are welcomed as one of our Tai Chi Family Members by our friendly and knowledgeable professionals. TCFA ensures our members receive a fantastic experience with every visit. Enjoy happy living!

Our goal is: Treat future disease! Tai Chi is not only relaxing, but healing. We encourage people to start young, with a positive outlook to life. Be your own doctor and treat future diseases. Our training program is simple, easy and enjoyable. It includes mind, breathing techniques, body, centralisation, flexibility, balance and rehabilitation. It is suitable for everyone and all ages.

Our attitude is sharing! We started with just one lady's hobby, changed from a dream, into reality. The universe law of sharing is her philosophy; She believes prevention is better than cure. To enjoy happy living is better than suffering. TCFA provides affordable rates for health and fitness. Over a decade later, we are still committed to offering the same.

The TCFA training program is to a national and international standard. In affiliation with China's professionals and top Masters our program is credited by national and international professional associations. We are sharing: We are developing.

About Michael Chu

Michael was a presenter of the China national Tai Chi Chen style during the exhibition tour in 1990. Michael is professional in both presenting and teaching Chen style Tai Chi as a martial art. He also specialises in Taoism rejuvenised Qigong for rehabilitation. Michael has been studying traditional Chen style of Tai Chi with Master Wang Ruizhi, apprentice of Great Master of Chen Fake since 1980. He also has knowledge of the theory and history of other types of Tai Chi. He does research on Tai Chi for anti-degenerative diseases. He teaches classes and provides personal training.

About Sue Chang

Born from a traditional herbalist Tai Chi family. Sue was influenced by her Father Zhang Zengrong, who loves Tai Chi and has been practised all his life and so as his grandfather. Sue’s grandfather Chen Guodong (陈国栋) was a famous herbalist Doctor in Shenyang City. 国栋药房 (Guodong Chinese medicine shop picture below) was established by Sue’s Grandfather (陈国栋).

“I am blessed with Tai Chi from a sick child to today. Tai Chi has been helping me had overcome a number of life crises in my life. Tai Chi also helped my father for rehabilitation from of stroke sequel from not able to speak at all lying to bed, to that my father not only can speak, but also be able to manage his life.” I call Tai Chi life saving exercises, Tai Chi not only make me healthier, but also be brighter and happier. It is a greatly pleasure in sharing the beautiful art with more people. My dream is preventing diseases to achieve a harmony balance in happy living.” Sue Said.

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