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Lesley Nicholson

Lesley Nicholson

Shop 2 292-296 Gipps Rd Keiraville NSW 2500

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I had my fair share of personal encounters, pain, & sorrow. And supported those who were not successfully treated with chronic diseases through physical therapy.

Clinical Hypnosis & Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Keiraville NSW

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Relaxation Energetics Joy Fitness Love Trauma release

About Lesley Nicholson

Lesley is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist whose awareness and faith connect. She was all over the place - and has learned a lot while being a single mom. She had her fair share of personal life encounters and a share of loss, pain, and sorrow. Life is about success, but we need assistance to get there often. 

Initially, Lesley qualified as a medical physiotherapist in 1986 for clinical hypnosis and assisted those who had chronic illnesses that were not successfully treated by physical therapy. She knew there had been more than tissue damage or herniated discs. Whether the damage is mental or physical, any part of an individual is impacted.

Lesley is a great spiritual healer and absorbs energy levels independent of what she does. During her class, you'll just love the ambiance

Acupuncture and other powerful forms of treatment can make you feel good, but they can become like bandage therapy. The Richard Trauma Process is Lesley's most effective, simplest, and the most needless way to deal with tension, fear, discomfort, phobia, and other problems.

Lesley also uses Hypnosis for programs such as Virtual Gastric Band and Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes. She also holds individual sessions and lectures on the regression of past life. Some people like to revisit past life for pleasure, like visitors, but it's best to start with current life if you're looking for answers to current problems.

About Teal Flame Healing Centre 

Teal Flame Healing Centre is an essential fitness, health care and treatment center for Central Wollongong Physio Plus and those performing counseling, coaching, meditation, hypnosis, reiki, yoga, and massage.

Psychic Development, Energy Reading, Aura, Reiki Training, and Sacred Vibrations Singing Bowls are delivered regularly at exciting and informative training courses. 


It's a peaceful sanctuary where you can feel totally supported on your healing journey.
- Catherine Vlachos 

A serene and healing environment offers numerous services for healing and development. Something for everyone.
- Kerrieann Cornell Murphy 

A wonderful range of therapists in a lovely setting.
- Michael Kennedy

I'm the lucky person who won the name draw contest and went and had my relaxation acupuncture and foot detox spa today with Lesley. It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed the therapeutic healing from both of these modalities. A lovely centre in the quaint Keiraville village. Grateful to Lesley and Sue. Blessings!
- Tracy Mahoney

I have been going to Lesley for a while now, and have Acupuncture for Lymphoedema in both legs. Lesley helped so much, legs were so swollen been 15 or so years since I could even see my knee, and with Lesley's treatment, I could see my knee. Recommend Lesley to everyone.
- Liz Locke

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Hypnosis Trauma Release

Hypnotherapy Meditation Past Life Regression Therapy
$1555 Per course

I Release trauma - (childhood and adult trauma , PTSD anxiety and depression) using hypnosis. There is no need to talk about what happenned to you . I take you to an empowered state and put the past in the past where it belongs so you can live and authent

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