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Linda Thackray

The Face and Body Interpreter

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Face Reading and Psychosomatic Therapy allow for deeper connections with the people around you, and more importantly - with yourself. Learn to understand pain, habits, repetitive thought patterns, and life choices, and gain a better understanding of people and how to effectively communicate. Let your journey of self-discovery begin with us - Book your appointment online today!

The Face and Body Interpreter - Face Reading and Psychosomatic Therapy with Linda Thackray

Focus areas

Psychosomatic therapy Face reading Face & body interpretation Health & wellness Internal dialogue Posture analysis

Linda discovered Face Reading and Psychosomatic Therapy a number of years ago during a life-changing session, and she knew that this would complete her training.

The Face and Body Interpreter helps clients understand where they are in their life's journey and how they got there.  

If you want to make lasting changes but don't know where to start, Linda provides sessions in which you can evaluate and adopt healthy daily practices.

Services Offered

Face Reading Consultation

In this one-on-one session, you will learn hidden truths about your personality, thought patterns, and past just by looking at your face. 

The first step will be to identify your natural talents, before moving on to any challenges that may exist.

Linda will take a photograph of your face, split it into two mirror images, two from each side, showing the two facets of your personality. 

The right side represents your public world, your masculine energy, and how you present yourself to the outside world.  

Your left side reveals your inner world, your feminine energy, and your hidden side.

These two sides often don’t match which Linda will discuss why.

In general, people come for Face Readings out of curiosity, but others have a problem in mind when they come:

  • Personal and professional development 
  • Relationship issues

Psychosomatic Therapy Consultation

Psychosomatic Therapy Consultations include Face Reading, Body Reading, and Posture Analysis while taking your breathing and speech into consideration. 

This session aims to explore your issues and give you insight into what your body is trying to tell you. 

Psychosomatic Therapy can help with the following issues:

  • Health problems
  • Relationship issues
  • Mental health issues
  • Breathing or posture problems
  • Non-injury related, recurring pain

Emotional Release Trigger Point Massage

Using a combination of trigger point release techniques, massage, and Reiki, this massage works to help release emotional stress.

The session will assist in your transformational journey and help release any tension that your body is still holding on to from the past.  

These sessions are intended to complement Face Reading and Psychosomatic Therapy consultations.  

Face Reading Courses (Level I and II)

This course is an introduction to Psychosomatic Therapy Training. 

During Level I, you will learn how to read and interpret facial features, and comprehend how others live. You will also gain significant insight into how you process differently from others. 

In Level II, you are introduced to the Chinese Style of Face Reading, which builds on the foundations of Level I. 

Available in person or online through Zoom.

Psychosomatic Therapy 10-Day Training Course

For those with a general interest in Psychosomatic Therapy, this is a 10-day course that involves clinic days and additional requirements you must complete over the next 6 to 12 months. 

Available in person or online through Zoom.


  • Face Reading Consultation
    • 60 minutes - $150
    • With personalised report sent via email, $200
  • Psychosomatic Therapy Consultation
    • Initial consultation, 120 minutes - $250
    • Standard consultation, 60/90 minutes - $150/$200
  • Emotional Release Trigger Point Massage
    • 60 minutes, $120
    • 90 minutes, $180

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4 Services

Face Reading Consultation

Body Harmony Life Coaching Psychotherapy Life Coaching Online Psychotherapy Online Somatic Experiencing Online
$150 Per hour

Face Reading Consultation Face Reading Consultation – Face-to-face, Skype, Zoom $150 60 minutes With personalised report $200* *Personalised Report with information covered during your consultation will be emailed to you WHAT DOES YOUR FACE SAY ABOUT Y

Psychosomatic Consultation

Body Harmony Life Coaching Psychotherapy BodyTalk Somatic Experiencing Online
$250 Per session

Psychosomatic Therapy Consultation – Face to face, Skype, Zoom Initial Consultation $250 120 minutes Standard Consultation $150 or $200 60 or 90 minutes WHAT IS YOUR BODY TRYING TO TELL YOU? Come and find out in a Psychosomatic Therapy Consultation.


  • Psychosomatic Therapist
  • Psychosomatic Therapy
  • Registered Teacher of Psychosomatic Therapy
  • Therapeutic Healer
  • Face Reading
  • Emotional Release Massage Practitioner

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