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The Nutrition Farmacy

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FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION - Food first and bio-individual approach using functional evaluation tools unique to any other nutritional modality. We dive deep and assess the foundations of your health to uncover root causes of dysfunction and support the body to achieve proper function. PSYCH-K - Reprogramming of the subconscious mind from beliefs that hold us back from fulfilling what we really want in our lives. REIKI - A beautiful Japanese modality for physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Everyones Reiki experience is unique, some being powerful and some being subtle.

The Nutrition Farmacy

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I work with bio-individual human physiology and function every day.

The positive health and wellness results for clients are profound.

Here's what you can expect during a session.

First, I will ask you to fill out some fact-finding paperwork:

a). An initial interview form with general questions.

b). A Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire. This is an on-line form that contains 300 questions that you tick as you go and takes around 30 mins to complete.

c). A 3-day food diary.

d). A disclaimer for you to sign, so you know exactly what your FNTP is certified to help you with.

This paperwork is used in our first session together, where I will ask you in-depth questions about your history. Did you grow up near farms where pesticides were being sprayed? What kind of birth did you have? Did you have colic as a baby? These are all topics we will cover in order to get to the roots of your health issues.

You may never have experienced being with someone this interested in the intricate details of your overall health, but that's what we do. We collect facts like a forensic scientist and use them to solve a crime – in this case, the depletion of your vitality.

After the fact-finding mission is complete, I will perform some simple tests. Termed a Functional Clinical Assessment, this will include:

  • Taking your blood pressure and pulse

  • Palpating reflex points. You will be asked to lay on your back on a therapy table, and I will request permission to touch you for the purposes of evaluation only. Using my training and knowledge of the innate connection between the nerve endings at skin level and the body's internal organs, I will ask you to rate the level of tenderness as I palpate the reflex point*. Most reflex points are throughout the torso, on your abdomen and rib cage.

    The aim is to understand which organs are under-functioning and contributing to your body's overall dysfunction, never to hurt you. I will encourage open communication at all times to ensure you are comfortable. If you are not comfortable with this part of the process, I can simply just work with the information I have collected from the forms and initial interview and make general recommendations.

  • Lingual Neural Testing. Using the results of the fact-finding and the initial examination, I will test several nutrients that you may wish to consider to assist your body's recovery. I will do this by asking you to place a small sample of a nutrient in your mouth. When the message from the nerve endings on your tongue (your taste buds) has travelled to your brain and out to your external nerve endings (around 15-30 seconds), I will re-test the reflex points that were most sensitive. You will be amazed at how the tenderness rating will change when your body senses the right nutrient to help it heal. That's what we mean about the "body's innate intelligence" – we are incredibly complex organisms with the ability to heal ourselves if only given the chance.

I will then make their recommendations (either in the same session or the next) and help you to understand the reasons for those suggestions. In understanding why you might need to make them, you will be far more committed to the process and will move closer to your health goals with each session.

Working with an FNTP is an ongoing process, with visits anywhere from 2 weeks to 8 weeks apart, depending on where you are in your health journey.

My aim is to work myself out of a job and get you self-sufficient within a minimum time frame. However, some people choose to stay with their FNTP on an ongoing basis to keep themselves fine-tuned and in top shape!

What is an FNTP?
A Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner™ (FNTP) is a paraprofessional certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association, Inc.®, trained to evaluate a client's nutritional needs, support normal function, and identify nutritional deficiencies.
An FNTP is not trained to provide medical diagnosis, to prescribe or treat any medical or pathological condition, illness, injury or disease, and is not a replacement for a medical doctor.
Rather, FNTP's direct their clients on a path of discovery to the underlying issues affecting their health, empowering them with knowledge and showing them how to make the changes themselves. They are trained to work alongside licensed practitioners to support a doctor's diagnosis and other therapies.
An FNTP makes recommendations about dietary changes, lifestyle considerations and nutritional supplementation based on a systematic, functional approach.
Using non-invasive evaluative techniques, the intention is to identify what will nourish the body and help it to find equilibrium.




Reiki is a hands on healing modality thought be thousands of years old. Originating as a Tibetan Buddhist practice that was rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui (a Japanese Monk) in the late 1800’s. The word “Rei” means higher or universal knowledge and the word “Ki” means energy, therefore Reiki can be translated to spiritually guided life force energy.

Life force energy is flowing through us within our physical body via pathways knowns as Chakras and Meridians. We also have a field of energy around us known as our “Aura”. Life force energy nourishes our brain, our organs, and the cells of our body supporting them to function optimally. When the flow of life force is blocked or disrupted this impairs function and in turn affects ones health.

Reiki can clear, align and balance pathways to allow life force to flow freely in a healthy and natural way. Reiki energy focused on affected areas of the body will charge these areas with positive energy to help regain proper function and alignment.


3 Services

Functional Nutrition

1hr 30min
Nutrition Nutrition Online
$145 Per session

As a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner™ (FNTP) I guide my clients on a path of discovery to the underlying issues affecting their health, empowering them with knowledge and showing them how to make the changes themselves. INITIAL CONSULTATION


Psych-K Psych-K Online
$125 Per session

PSYCH-K® is a set of Principles and Processes designed to change subconscious beliefs that limit the expression of your full potential as a spiritual being having a human experience” Rob Williams, originator of PSYCH-K®.


  • Diploma In Functional Nutritional Therapy

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