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The Council of Clinical Hypnotherapists (CCH) is not an association, but, as the name suggests, a council of professional Australian hypnotherapy associations, societies and training organisations, and is the voice of professional hypnotherapy to government and other stakeholders, including the traditional medicine and health insurance industries.

The Council of Clinical Hypnotherapists is the only Australian national peak professional body that represents professional clinical hypnotherapists through hypnotherapy associations that are member associations.

The vast majority of Australian hypnotherapy associations support the vision and purpose of the Council of Clinical Hypnotherapists, "to unite in one voice and passion, all clinical hypnotherapists and thereby to serve with the highest ideals, the interests and security of the profession, the practitioners and the clients of clinical hypnotherapy."

The vision and purpose of the Council are articulated in its Mission Statement, its Constitution and Code of Ethics express the values and standards by which all member hypnotherapy associations are bound.
The CCH is managed by an Executive Council of experienced practitioners and educators in the field of clinical hypnotherapy, with the primary purpose of maintaining professional levels of competence and ethical practice within the profession of clinical hypnotherapy.

Council of Clinical Hypnotherapists membership is not available to the individual hypnotherapist, it is only available for professional Australian hypnotherapy associations & training institutions.

For more information, or to contact the CCH regarding membership for your professional hypnotherapy organisation, please visit the website of the. CCH

(Individuals may join the Council of Clinical Hypnotherapist’s official Australian National Hypnotherapy Register.)

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