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Have you had a sports injury that’s foot-related? If left unattended, they can lead to problems down the track. The Foot Group have been successfully treating Sport-Related Podiatry issues for decades.


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The Foot Group - Sports Injury Therapy

Your Sports Injuries Need Attention

Sport and exercising makes greater demands on your body than everyday activities. Injuries to the foot and lower limb form a large proportion of sporting injuries. Injuries don’t always signal with pain, when left unnoticed, they can go on to create imbalances in your feet and legs, and the repeated strain can cause more significant problems.

The Foot Group has a range of treatments and rehabilitation methods to help resolve your injuries including:

  • Orthotics

  • Exercises

  • Rehabilitation

  • Surgery if necessary

We are able to provide suitable advice on sports shoes, catering to your specific needs and sport.

We also offer a variety of supportive sports tapes which provide support to muscle and ligament injuries, allowing sports addicts to return to the field with confidence.

For more information about Podiatry for sports injuries or to book, call or visit The Foot Group website

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