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The Holland Clinic

Kirstey Holland
Focus area: Telehealth

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Discover what functional medicine can offer and learn more about the collaboration of practitioners around the world

Dr. Kirstey Holland, Functional Medicine Practitioner

About Dr Kirstey Holland and The Holland Clinic 

Functional Medicine tries to identify the root cause of side effects, making a difference to clarify why those indications exist, or why a persistent contains a specific condition. 

Established by Dr Kirstey Holland Oriental Medical Doctor (O.M.D). Dr Holland is famously known in Australia and around the world for supporting her patients to attain their health goals. 

Kirstey heads The Holland Clinic and works with practitioners in a wide range of fields to ensure patients are well supported throughout their respective programs.

The objective of Functional Medicine is to identify: 

  • Why is an individual suffering from this problem in the first place?
  • Why and how has function been lost?
  • What can be done to restore function?

Practitioners in functional medicine look at the natural and way of life components that can impact long-term wellbeing and complex, chronic diseases. 

Using a system-oriented approach, Dr Holland uses the Functional Medicine method to address the fundamental causes of the illness, grasping a proactive "detective" sort perspective towards the well-being of her patients.  This empowers her to discover not as it were “what” the issue is, but more critically “why” the problem exists, permitting her to get to the root cause of the issue and assist patients through an active clinical relationship between client and practitioner.

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