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Servicing area: Strathpine, Moreton Bay Area & North Brisbane QLD

Classes and workshops to strengthen your mind, body and spirit.

Infant Massage Instruction, Basic Stretching, Swedish Massage & Stress Management

Boost Your Physical and Mental Strength

The Massage Connexion holds regular fitness classes in Strathpine QLD for children, adults and seniors. We also conduct massage workshops for couples and another one for people who need assistance with stress management. 

Have a look at our list of classes and workshops below.

Our Classes

Infant Massage Instruction

Learn the proper way to massage your baby in a class limited to five people or an exclusive one-on-one session in your home. This class offers three one-hour sessions. 

Ageless Grace Brain & Body Fitness

This seated exercise program works with imagination and music. It consists of fun exercises that encourage you to combine physical and mental coordination. This class lasts 45 minutes to an hour and requires a minimum of five individuals. 

Basic Stretching for the Whole Body

Regular stretches keeps your body flexible and balanced. For this class, you need to bring your own yoga mat, towels and drinking water. The total duration of this class is 45 minutes or an hour.  

Fit4Kidz Brain and Body Fitness Program
For children in preschool to 3rd grade

This is a neuroplasticity-based program that develops a child’s physical and cognitive skills. Integrating it into the classroom setup will boost the performance of students and teachers as it’s a perfect stress reliever.

In this class, a child learns the following:

  • Spatial awareness 
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Bilateral integration skills
  • Sensory processing skills

Our Workshops

Swedish Massage Instruction for Couples

This two-day class teaches you the fundamental techniques in performing a relaxation massage so that you can treat your spouse or partner to a wonderful, therapeutic experience at home. Bring your own massage table, towels and lunch.

Stress Management and How It Affects the Body

Stress has a negative impact on the seven main systems of the body. These are the cardiovascular system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal system, endocrine system and reproductive system.

This workshop will walk you through the whole process of protecting these systems and managing stress intelligently. In addition, you’re going to learn some stretching exercises, deep breathing techniques, meditation techniques, and how to treat muscle pain with massage.

Book an appointment and take part in our energetic workshops and classes.

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