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Experienced British PT keen to help everyone achieve their fitness goals.

The Nomad Trainer

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My name is Matt Bevan, I am a personal trainer from London and I am travelling the world to learn from as many different cultures about physical fitness as possible.

My journey started in Sydney, Australia where I worked at The Zone, Fitness First for 6 months. In this time I learned more about fitness than I had in my previous two years experience as a PT in the UK.

Since working there with some of the best people in the business I have added cross-fit, gymnastics and boxing to my regular practises. I also took part and highly advocate Ignite 6 week challenge where I dropped my body fat to 7.2% whilst maintaining muscle mass.

My philosophy is that people should not be confined to a single way of training. As Albert Einstein said, insanity is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results, this can relate to fitness in that most people who start exercising tend to repeat doing what they already know and eventually give up on their fitness goals.

Yes, my training originally consisted of 8 years of body building, power lifting and football however for the next 3 years I will be travelling around Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, China, India and so on and I will find it hard to hold down a gym. Therefore I have set my sights on bodyweight and movement training.

It is more than possible to achieve anything you want without the use of a gym, and that is what I aim to prove and bring to you with my nomadic training style. I will do as much yoga, martial arts and local sports wherever I go, as well as creating my own hotel, beach and jungle workouts.

My goal as The Nomad Trainer is to be a wanderer between the various practises. I want to combine my experience in resistance, bodyweight, ball sports, boxing, yoga and gymnastics training to embody a kind of 'world training' and provide my clients with the perfect approach for them.

I believe that exercise is not something that should be confined to a gym, pool, track or dojo but should be a combination of all of these places and many more. Bodyweight and movement training allows you to use your body in ways you may have not practised since you were a child is the key to finding out your true power.

Think back to the hunter gatherer days when humans would run, crawl, jump, fight and dance every day and night. Have our bodies changed in any considerable way since then? Why shouldn't we celebrate the fact that our body is a powerful machine capable of becoming top of the food chain, without the aid of modern technology.

If you want to become a master of your body and the world then train with me as I will provide you with first hand experience of world training from the big cities to tribal villages, from the mountains to beaches, and from the people who do not see their training as a chore or a necessity, but those who are proud of their bodies and want to share their abilities with the world.

My method of achieving these results involves using an online training app called 'Trainerize' so that clients can track and record their workout history, cardio achievements, body measurement stats and even add progress photos to compare over time. This truly is the best way to see for yourself how well you are doing and you can even see what exercises, weights and demo videos during the workout.

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