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Pet Energy Therapy

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Helping people in the greater Chermside area to be responsible Pet Parents, by providing them with professional Animal Therapy services. Call today to make a booking.

Pet Energy Therapy - Animal Therapy

Is Kitty causing catastrophe around your house?

Is Fido fighting with your mailman, your significant other, your favourite pair of shoes …..?

Is your Horse a bit headstrong?

What would it take for you and the animals in your life to have a relationship of ease, joy and glory?

Would you like to be able to communicate with your animals with ease?

Start talking to your pets… “Pet Energy Therapy benefits the overall wellbeing and longevity of animals”.

What Is Animal Therapy?

Do you know what your pet is communicating with you? Pet Energy Therapy uses non-invasive techniques to break through the human – animal communication barrier.

It is not a substitute for Veterinary advice and treatment. Only a Vet can diagnose; prescribe; and treat. Please keep your Vet informed about any alternative therapy treatments that your animal is undertaking.

Behaviours that can be controlled

Is your pet:
  • Barking, howling or crying?
  • Biting or aggressive?
  • Escaping?
  • Anxious, suffering separation anxiety, grieving?
  • Controlling?
Pet Energy Therapy can assist with:
  • Equine massage
  • Communicating clearly with your pets
  • Resolving behavioural issues
  • Energetic balancing of physical issues
  • Emotional support and easing grief after your pet has passed on
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Why Come & See Davina?

Sessions usually last for an hour and are held in the animal’s home (if they are in Brisbane, Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast); otherwise they will be held over the phone or via email.

Call Davina or send an email for more information or to make a booking.

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