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"Pilates is about developing the body uniformly and concentrating on the unique trinity of a balanced body, mind and spirit. I am a firm believer that when these are attained self-confidence and happiness won't be far behind." Mimi Freccero, Head Instructor

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"I grew up in France, and was 9 when I decided to join the dance world. During my 6 years of scholarship and performing with the Off Jazz school and Paris Conservatorium, I chose to train extensively in a range of dance styles including classical ballet, modern, jazz and tap. After moving to Sydney in 1991, I continued to study the art of movement and body language thru performance art.

Pilates came into my life in 2004, as a way to condition and help with an injury. I found the practice so precise and effective that I fell in love with it. The technique lead me in many ways. So much that in 2009 I decided to share my love for it through teaching.

During my years of training, I developed an appreciation of the key role that pilates plays in learning to use the body optimally and with awareness. Since becoming a professional pilates instructor, I have been enjoying working with all age groups, teaching a variety of styles from classical to contemporary Pilates. I like to bring to each class an enjoyment of movement, and an enthusiasm for supporting your personal physical development.

I am thankful to my mentors for providing me with great inspiration, and to my clients for making coming to work everyday a great pleasure!"

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the studio

The studio sessions involve a more individual approach to Pilates using the traditional Pilates equipment: the cadillac, reformer, wunda chair, high barrel, spine corrector, smaller apparatus and mat work. It is a full body workout using springs for resistance. Each of the apparatus has a range of specific springs, levers and bars, all serving many different purposes depending on your needs. Whether you enjoy the reformer's moving platform for your core work, or the challenge of the chair, or the hanging exercises on the trap! One thing for sure is that there is something for everyone! From the rehab clients and beginners to the most advanced athletes.

As a new client, you will need to start with the one hour initial consultation, so we can see how you move, assess your body's needs and pass you thru the basic Pilates Principles. From here depending on your needs, we find you an appropriate time to commence a regular private or semi private session. At the Pilates Lounge we provide small and intimate classes to maximise quality over quantity. So a semi private session is a group studio session of a maximum three clients per one instructor.

Nurture yourself with some studio classes! There is nothing else like it! The repertoire is most effective and safe method of exercising. You will finish your sessions feeling stronger, lighter and lengthened, as well as feeling connected to your own body. You will be inspired!

You won't regret it!

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mat classes
Group classes create a wonderful social dynamic. With the great energy in the room you make working out a fun positive experience! At The Pilates Lounge we still provide individual attention that will lead to great improvements in a safe environment.

Mat classes focus on a sequence of Pilates exercises done on the floor, so there is no impact, using the body weight as resistance, very much a full body workout with sequence toning, stretching and core control. Classes do not include the Pilates apparatus, but a mat (we provide) and we can add all the fun with challenging toys, such as therabands, fitballs, magic circles and foam rollers so that each class is different and inspiring!

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