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I specialise in Naturopathy, Western Herbal Medicine and Remedial Massage


Helping you to bring balance and wellness into your life

Positive Natural Healing

Naturopathy is a way of life

I specialise in Naturopathy, Western Herbal Medicine and Remedial Massage. I am focused on health and wellbeing, by blending traditional and more importantly, natural forms of medicine with scientific knowledge to provide your body with the ability to activate its innate healing potential.

My journey started six years ago, when I realised the hardship and pain that chronic illness brings.

I have obtained excellent results for my clients using remedial massage, with many of the people I work with, it has changed their life by helping with their pain situation. I am happy to work with your Conventional Health Care Practitioner to achieve the best results possible for your wellbeing.


Specialising in Chronic illness, I work with your Doctor, by working together we can optimize your health and you can reclaim your future. All health interventions are tailored to you personally.

Remedial Massage

Alleviating muscle pain and soreness promoting wellbeing in every body.

Western Herbal Medicine

Are you wanting to improve your level of wellness and get the best out of your body? We tailor health interventions around your need and your experiences.

Why would you come and see us

As we cover a range of modalities we have the ability to work within our field of expertise providing an all-round personal treatment regime. We are able to help you make the changes necessary in your life to achieve a healthier outcome. Each individual, is treated based on his or her current health state – your current lifestyle, environment, diet to name a few.

About us

Honey Jones

I am a partner – owner of Positive Natural Health and a qualified Naturopath, practitioner of Western Herbal Medicine and a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist. My passion is working with Chronic illness. I believe that I can get the best out of ordinary situations by making small changes that have lasting positive effects. I achieve this by incorporating Naturopathy with Western Herbal medicine and Remedial massage where it is indicated to do so.

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Qualification details

Advanced Dip Naturotherapy
Advanced Dip Western Herbal Medicine
Cert 4 Remedial

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