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Meditation classes to soothe your Soul and is the key to inner harmony and balance.  Courses and Workshops to feed your Soul that will empower you with knowledge, wisdom and to become the best version of yourself.    Life can be challenging to find the time for you.  The Soulmate Journey will surprise and inspire you.  Rediscover your Inner Being and your Star Quality will sparkle through you and illuminate your life with vibrant colours of enlightenment.  The Soulmate Connection is an approved Training Provider through International Institute for Complementary Therapists Association. Enquire for any meditation classes, courses and workshops.  

The Soulmate Connection - Soul Healing Meditation Classes, Courses and Workshops

Servicing area

Summer Hill, Haberfield, Leichhardt, Ashfield, Ashbury, Hurlstone Park, Dulwich Hill, Marrikville

Focus areas

Fears Growth Emotions Complementary Well-being Stress management

Soul Healing Meditations - Connecting With Your Soul

We are the rock that is dropped in the ocean of life which creates ripples and waves out to the Universe. Your waves can be a gentle swirl and flow or a violent rage. We transmit this out in life and beyond and this manifests into our life.

Meditation is the key to harmony and balance. When we are grounded, centred and allow the flow and ripples of life to guide us where we need to go, life will be less stressful. When we are stressed we are less aware of our path and lack the clarity to make the right choices in life. The ripple of positive change comes from you.

Meditation healing allows you to move through the layers of you that require healing and assistance and this will assist you in creating harmony and balance in your life.

When we regularly meditate it creates an inner pathway to connect with your balanced core and this centres your emotional stress, giving you awareness and perspective of yourself in a more balanced way.

Meditation provides healing at the Soul level of you. This is your inner ripple of your being which creates ripples flowing throughout your life creating balance and positive change.

So whenever you experience lack of drive in your life, feel stuck, stressed, overwhelmed, unsure, lack confidence or trust it creates inner walls that blocks your flow. To tap into your Soul and create inner harmony will instill inner calmness, peace and direction in your life.

Zen Meditation Classes 

We all experience blocks in our life where it lacks flow that hinders what we want to create in our life from time to time.  Zen meditation is a day of healing and releasing those subconscious blocks that we hold.  Whether it relates to lack of self worth and value or it can be fear of change.  We all have our own history and unfolding story.  Are you wanting to change and improve your story that is unfolding every day and improve areas that are stuck?

Zen meditition is a whole day of connecting various levels of ourselves.  Each Zen Day is unique and not repeated, meditations that releases any blocks and restrictions that we hold within ourselves and tap into the flow of Universal Co-Creative energies. 

At the beginning of each level there will be a brief discussion about what the healing meditation is about and how this is relating to our current life experiences. This creates the platform of understanding what the meditation process is about generating feelings of being safe and supported in the healing process.

Oracle and Tarot cards are also provided to each person during the session which will provide clarity of the specific healing you will receive within you and in your life. It will also give you clarity in the benefits that you have to gain in the healing process.


Angelic Healing Course, Connecting with Your Inner Universe and Pathway to Your Ancient Self. 


Tarot Crystal Workshops

Energy Awareness Workshops

One Day Workshops

Classes held in Burwood and Croydon Park.  For further information contact Sestina.  


  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Energy Healing
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Crystal Therapist
  • Angel Light Healer
  • Parapsychologist
  • Energy Therapist

Professional Membership

  • IICT - International Institute For Complementary Therapists

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