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Theta State of Mind is now practicing out of Second Blessing in Yarraville, and if you book before the 30th November is offering an introductory rate of $80 for an hour session.

Theta State of Mind

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Seddon, Victoria

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My name is Ismael Sepulveda and I am a Theta Healer.

ThetaHealing® for me, is a state of mind, a lifestyle. I am amazed when I witness the fruits of our minds when used in a Theta state. And the possibilities are truly endless. As my friend Mark says "It keeps getting better"!

My philosophy at "Theta State of Mind" is to empower my clients to co-create their own reality. Albert Einstein said "The most important decision that you will make is whether you live in a friendly universe or a hostile universe- in a positive universe or a negative universe." and I truly believe that it is my work to help others make that decision, by showing you that the power to choose is yours and that the tools are at hand.

Based on years of psychic healings performed by; founder and grandmother Vianna Stibal, Theta Healing® is a combination of focused meditation and the understanding that we are all connected by a higher consciousness. As my friend Angela likes to say "ThetaHealing® is like 'Quantum Physics meets Spirituality... it's Energy at play", this is where the power of Theta comes to fruition; it transcends religion and cultural boundaries, it provides a blueprint for the bridge between science and spirituality.

And it just so happens that on this day His Holiness the Dalai Lama said "The consensus that science and spirituality are incompatible no longer holds firm. As the scientific understanding of the nature of reality deepens, perceptions are changing and people are beginning to show more interest in what I call our inner world. By this, I mean the dynamics and functions of consciousness: both our hearts and our minds."

My approach to Theta Healing is strongly based on these principles and I aim to provide clients with a complete experience and strong follow-up service. Consultations available through Skype or face to face.


ThetaHealing® Basic DNA
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ThetaHealing® Manifesting & Abundance
Currently Studying a Diploma of Kinesiology


"I have had issues with money pretty much all my working career. I was consistently paid well under the market rate. I had a session of Theta Healing with Ismael to address these issues. Within 2 weeks, I had managed to double my day rate! By removing beliefs around money that weren't serving me, the way was paved for abundance to start entering my life...." Kate Gaze

"I have been honoured to see Ismael's growth from his journey into ThetaHealing. From the person that came to my first intro night to the Man who now can dig for your bottom belief... all I can say... what a shift! Ismael has proven to be an amazing healer and by far an amazing book of knowledge! I recommend him as a Healer and if you have time to chat... he can explain to you in detail anything you have in doubt!"
Angela Rojas ~ ThetaHealer and Instructor

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