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Tibetan Pulsing Healing is a scientific method using powerful bodywork that can assist you wherever you are at in your life’s path addressing the physical body and correlating to mental health. As an Environmental Scientist who has practitioner experience for more than 28 years I am committed to improving the health of my clients and the environment.

Tibetan Pulsing Healing Centre

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Truganina, Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook & surrounding areas

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Nervous system Habits Emotional wellbeing Personal growth Relaxation Pressure points


Tibetan Pulsing Healing

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Tibetan Pulsing Healing

Tibetan Pulsing Healing (TPH) is a gentle yet potent, fast and effective form of bodywork. It is an adaptation of the ancient ritual practices of the Tibetan monasteries working with the neurophysiology of the human body. The principle behind TPH is that energy imbalances in the body are at the root of physical and emotional disease.

The bodywork has the ability to create a positive energy flow within the nervous system, therefore addressing the blockages and negative associations from the past. The restoration of the bodies' natural energy flow achieved by the treatment restores physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Individual sessions:

Generally a Tibetan Pulsing Healing session starts with an eye reading diagnosis, which determines which organ of the body is in need of attention. The iris contains essential information about the health of our internal organs and nervous system as well as psychological issues.

Events in every one’s life imprint the nervous system and this pattern is reflected within the iris of the eye. It shows individual strengths, weaknesses and behavioural patterns.

In the first session there is a large focus on reading the eye to get to know my client and their individual needs. The reading helps determine the course of action for the bodywork treatments.

The bodywork allows the client to lie down and relax while the practitioner holds and gently pulses specific energy points which is related to particular organ and neurological pathways. This releases energy from where it has been held since a trauma or blockage has occurred.The sessions are accompanied by specific music that vibrate on the exact frequencies the body's 24 organs resonate.

The blockage may have been a result of physical illness or injury, unpleasant or unwanted life experiences, emotional and psychological distress. This often occurs in early childhood but can occur at any stage in life.

Although events that occurred in the past are no longer real, the memories are held in our nervous system affecting the way we behave and relate to self and others. This can manifest in physical and psychological illness. It may also have an impact on how a person relates to themselves and others and the capacity to form meaningful relationships.

Please note that the iris is not a reliable diagnostic tool for physical diseases. The majority of the focus of an eye reading is on the psychological aspects of a person. Physical ailments should be diagnosed by certified G.P.s and serious illnesses monitored by them.


As well as being a deeply effective healing technique, Tibetan Pulsing is also a unique system for understanding human nature and self-awareness.

Most commonly experienced benefits are:

    • Increased physical energy


    • Improved self –awareness and mindfulness


    • Greater insight and clarity which may lead to re-evaluating some life priorities


    • Health benefits


    • Feeling more emotionally centred and calm


Target areas for treatment:

    • Chronic fatigue


    • Glandular Fever


    • Emotional trauma, e.g. heartbreak


    • Anxiety Depression


    • Addictive behaviour


    • Arthritis


    • Fertility issues


    • Abuse


    • OCD


    • Stress relief


    • Menstruation issues (absent, irregular, painful)


    • Fertility issues


    • Prostate Bladder/kidney disease


    • Impotence


    • Low immunity


    • Skeletal pains


    • And many more- please inquire


Many people who come for treatments fell emotionally blocked, stressed or have difficulties with intimacy or relating. Others may have specific physical or psychological ailments and many more life challenges.

Premgita has had particular success with treating chronic fatigue and related conditions.


Getting there:

Convenient pick up service from Williams Landing station (Werribee Line) is included in the price (subject to availability).


Initial 2-hour session: $180 

All continuing sessions 1 1/5 hour: $180.00

Individual packages available


Premgita Polster has 28- year experience with Tibetan Pulsing Healing (TPH). She trained eight years as part of an international training program refining her skills, knowledge and techniques in Europe, Asia and over the past decade here in Australia.

She was trained by the founding father of TPH, Shantam Dheeraj (a.k.a James Rudolph Murley). She is a passionate environmentalist,  an Environmental Scientist with Honours majoring in Chemistry.

Premgita possesses a unique balance of traditional scientific knowledge with less well understood alternative approaches to health and wellbeing. This allows her to approach her healing work in a particularly comprehensive manner.

If you are experiencing health and wellbeing challenges or you are interested in personal growth, or you are just curious about exploring this powerful healing body work, contact Premgita.

Do past experiences affect you today?

Do the daily stressed of life keep you so occupied that you have lost the path to your inner peace?

Do you find it hard to sleep?

Do you have health problems?

Tibetan Pulsing healing can assist you to reach your health goals and life goals.

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Treatments available on weekends and after hours.


 Service on offer:

When you come for a treatment session you will receive an eye reading as a diagnostic tool. This will be followed by a body work treatment, which is deeply relaxing and transformative.

During the body work patients remain fully clothed.

The first session involves looking at all aspects of you and all parts of your eye- time allowing.

Many people ask what I do. It is not easy to describe because the work is quite unique and not easily compared. It is not massage or acupressure, however it uses meridian type electric channels throughout the body. It is therefore similar to acupuncture, however it does not use needles. I use my hands, feet, and on occasion knees to stimulate the pulse beat and to connect as many points in the ‘electric ‘circuit as I can in order to get an energy flow within the body. I focus on the pulse beat and bring it into the same rhythm at the varying points in the body. The ‘Pulsing” in the name refers to the heartbeat.

The body connection to psychology:

Since traumatic experiences are stored as blockages in the body, it is necessary to stimulate an electric flow between the points on the body. This body electricity is able to dissolve tensions along the channels worked. During the time when the blockages dissolve, the client experiences a relaxation and in some cases memories arise, which may reveal insights. Most of us experience times where we don’t feel in control of our emotions or we behave reactively to things- we react to previous negative experiences in order to protect ourselves. This is when we are not acting according to a situation but we may overreact and are not in charge of the situation. The past reactiveness is in charge and we feel unable to change. This is where the body work comes in to dissolve those tensions and we can then act in a new way, stepping out of automatic responses and into being in control.

Blockages arising from such experiences don’t just affect how we feel and how we experience the world, they also affect our health.

Free yourself of your past traumas today! They affect your life more than you notice and this work can set you on your path on who you are meant to be!

The eye reading:

The eye reading is different from well-known iridology. It uses a different map and it looks at your psychological make up, not just your physical aspects.

The eye shows where your strengths are, your weaknesses and issues that you find hard to resolve. The eye gives the practitioner an indication where the blockage is that affects the life of the client.

For example anxiety diagnosed by a clinical psychologist may have completely different causes for one person compared to another and then the treatment needs to focus on a different area or no improvements can be made. The eye reading can pinpoint exactly where the problem comes from and treatment is tailored to that area. When the correct area is stimulated through he bodywork, improvements in the area may be felt after only a few sessions.

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