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Servicing area: Croydon South, Victoria

Total Yoga For You
Yoga is basically about achieving a balance between mind and body

Total Yoga For You

Welcome to Total Yoga For You

Melissa and Michelle are both fully qualified yoga teachers with over twelve year’s experience Michelle holds a Diploma of Yoga Teaching and has completed further study in Remedial Yoga. Melissa holds a Diploma of Yoga Teaching and is a certified Pilates Mat work and Pilates for Pregnancy teacher. Together they create a warm and friendly atmosphere in their Croydon South Studio.

Melissa aims to create a friendly and open environment. Her classes are designed to stretch, strengthen, and align in a safe and encouraging environment. Her classes balance the mind, body, and breath, through yoga and Pilate’s traditions. Classes finish with a soothing relaxation and are ideal for both beginners and more experienced practitioners.

Michelle aims to embrace all aspects of yoga, with her classes appealing to those who want to work their bodies in a gentle flowing manner to achieve a balance between mind, body, and breath. The calm feel of Michelle’s classes leads you smoothly into relaxation. Classes are of a caring nature and are designed to be accessible to everyone.

Yoga Classes

Yoga - combines postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation with aim of reducing stress, improving flexibility, realigning and re-balancing the body. We hope to teach you techniques that you can use everyday to be healthier and happier.

Pilates - Balances and aligns the body through the development of core stability. The focus is to strengthen the postural musdes, using body awareness and the breath to create a healthy spine and improve coordination. Pilates can help to reduce back, neck and shoulder pain.

Yoga and Pilates - Balances the mind and body through movement and breathing practices Using Pilate’s principles in conjunctions with Yoga to stretch, strengthen, and relax. Develops and awareness of the body, creating a strong core and peaceful mind.

Yoga Express - Designed to fit into your busy life Take 45 minutes to stretch, unwind and relax Feel revitalized and renewed mid week from top to toe. Ideal as a second class. Some yoga experience is beneficial as poses progress from beginning to end.

Relaxation - Ideal for those who want the relaxing benefits of yoga but are not looking for the body work of a traditional yoga clas& This dass will help you to ease the stress and tension from your body through some gentle movements, before an extended relaxation. You will also learn many techniques that will help you to reduce stress and tension in your daily life.

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