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Back pain Muscle tension Counselling ...
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Dominique is able to very quickly discover where any tight, congested or restricted areas of pain may be located and muscle tension is released which may assist in improving your movement, strength, flexibility and circulation.  

Energy Essence - Massage, Lymphatic Drainage & Reflexology


Massage is an amazing way to experience relaxation and to cope with stress in a more effective manner. You have the ability to choose a relaxing, therapeutic massage or a remedial massage which is a slightly stronger and deeper massage that identifies and dissolves specific muscle tension. Great for muscle spasms, shoulder, neck and back pain or for sporting injuries.


Rejuvenate and revitalise aching, tired feet with this amazing treatment. Reflexology assists the promotion of blood flow to the feet and lower legs which enhances circulation. Gentle pressure is applied to specific points and meridians on the feet that relate to every organ of the body. It is an amazing way to re-balance your energy and truly relax.

Lymphatic Drainage

A light, gentle and rhythmic, wave-like massage that leaves you deeply  relaxed. Very helpful for conditions like lymphoedema, fluid retention, swelling in arms, legs, ankles and feet or after surgery. Lymphatic drainage helps with detoxifying the body and reducing cellulite.

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