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Jocelyn Harvey – Transform Within
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Jocelyn Harvey - Transform Within

Jocelyn Harvey

22 Lockinvar Pl
Hornsby NSW 2077

Servicing area: Northern Sydney, Hornsby, Wahroonga, Pennant Hills, Turramurra, St Ives, Gordon, Central Coast

Jocelyn Harvey - Transform Within
Do you need help creating harmony & balance in your body, relationships and life? True success comes from within!

Counselling, Personal Development & Wellbeing Coaching

Hi, I’m Jocelyn. Welcome to Transform Within

“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.”
– Thomas Edison

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already decided you need some extra support – like we all do – to resolve stressful issues, or to express more of your true potential & create a different future for yourself.

And ultimately what do we all want? Freedom.
Freedom to express your true self, freedom to feel good about yourself, freedom to make choices and follow your dreams, and freedom to live life fully.

I know from personal experience, and maybe you do too, that true change always starts from within.

How can I help?

Counselling and coaching can help with a broad range of issues, but I have focused on the following key areas:
  • Anxiety in general, performance anxiety & panic attacks
  • Depression, limiting beliefs, feeling stuck or a victim of circumstances
  • Unresolved childhood trauma – for example: adoption, abusive family environment, parents with mental health issues, illness & injury, loss of a parent or sibling, bullying, changing schools
  • Unhealthy relationships, distant family connections & a lack of intimacy
  • Chronic physical pain due to disease, trauma or injury
  • Inner yearning for change due to recognising you have more potential and desire a new way of living, working and being
  • Personal development – inner peace, fulfilment and purpose

Benefits of working with me

Although I do have a counselling degree, I am also intuitive and highly energetically sensitive so I am able to help you ‘join the dots’ very quickly. I am also committed to my own personal & spiritual growth so I can better help you gain greater awareness & insight into your issues, which is the first step required for change.

I have a genuine skill at helping you process stressful experiences with compassion and then mine the gold in symptoms & stressors so you can recognise your strengths and learn the lessons in each situation. Your life does have meaning and you truly are powerful.

I am committed to helping you:
  • Relieve pain – on all levels – naturally, using leading-edge therapies & medical devices
  • Gain clarity & insight for greater awareness, understanding & faster change
  • Clear subconscious barriers – limiting beliefs, trapped trauma, self-sabotage – quickly, effectively & with long-lasting results
  • Develop powerful new tools & strategies to deal with stressful situations
  • Feel empowered & committed to transformational change – so you can experience a richer, fuller life feeling comfortable in your own skin
“Jocelyn Harvey is a gifted facilitator of change who utilises a suite of cutting edge tools to breakdown and harmonise resistance to change at the subconcious level. I made more changes in a few weeks than I had in the previous 8 months once I started working with Jocelyn!

If you would like to make real and positive changes in your life then I highly recommend Jocelyn...”

~ John Conrick, Central Coast NSW

How am I different to other counsellors?

My services are a truly unique combination of counselling, the LifeLine Technique, Nutripuncture, medical pain relief devices, and personal development and wellbeing coaching.

I use a holistic approach to create energetic balance on all levels of your being – mind, body and spirit because balancing your energy field is the fastest way to create change.
  • The LifeLine Technique combines 15 different healing modalities – both Eastern and Western – into 1 complete system. Muscle reflex testing allows us to dialogue directly with your subconscious mind, which holds emotionally charged memories, reactive defence mechanisms and limiting beliefs – the hidden root of your symptoms and stress.

  • Nutripuncture – a profound therapy developed by French medical doctor, Patrick Veret – helps to balance and harmonise the energy field. It can help address physical issues as well as unhealthy relationship dynamics, a limited expression of your true potential and unresolved trauma held at a cellular level.

  • I also incorporate energy healing tools such as Young Living essential oils, sacred geometry points in the body, Reiki, the PowerTube advanced high-frequency TENS device and the amethyst biomat (far infrared rays and negative ions).
All of the techniques I use help to deeply process and integrate stressful life experiences from any age, so you can feel whole and complete and express more of your true self – feeling worthy, loved, connected and inspired.

*Appointments can be done in-person, via phone or Skype.

From personal experience and observation in practice, The LifeLine Technique® and Nutripuncture are the most powerful tools I know that will produce life-changing results quickly & effectively.
Imagine living a life where you’ve reclaimed your power, developed healthy boundaries, can speak up and express your authentic self, and are feeling happy, fulfilled and free!
“I’ve tried lots of effective complementary therapies but I was SO amazed by the results after just one Lifeline session with Jocelyn. It really works!

Jocelyn has such a lovely, bubbly personality that just smiles at you and I feel safe to say anything. I want what she’s got!

I travel 2 hours to see Jocelyn because she’s worth it.”

~ Angela, Port Stephens NSW

Other Services
  • First Steps for Change workshops
  • Professional services – personal & team alignment to vision, mission & culture, business performance, authentic decision making
  • Free Young Living essential oil consultations
  • Free workshops
    • LifeLine Technique Taster
    • Chronic Pain Relief
    • Chemical-Free Home
  • Free pain relief trials
  • Amethyst BioMat and PowerTube TENS pain relief sessions
“I could hardly walk from sciatic pain and had to pull myself up steps. Within 4 days of using the biomat, I was sleeping much better, the pain had reduced significantly and I was walking normally after hobbling for about 3 months. Incredible change!”

– Alison Guy, Sydney NSW

FREE 20-minute phone consultation

I know how important it is to work with a therapist or coach who’s a good match for you. It’s often a gut feeling or vibe you get when talking to them for the first time.

So take advantage of my FREE 20-minute phone consultation so we can discuss your specific needs and you can get a good sense of how I can support you to transform your life.

Introductory Offer – Save $60 on first 2 appointments

Are you someone who likes to take the bull by the horns?
Start working with Jocelyn straight away & take advantage of the Introductory Offer. You’ll experience immediate relief, an opportunity to confirm Jocelyn’s services are a good fit for you and start to experience real change!

I’d love to support you to Transform Within!

For further information go to:

Or contact Jocelyn directly:
0417 838 958

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