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David Lane

David Lane

743 Glenhuntly Rd Caulfield South VIC 3162

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Kinesiology, Reiki, Intuitive Energy Healing, Flower Essences, Food Sensitivity Testing and more. Let me help you find your way to greater health and happiness!

David Lane

Servicing area

Caulfield South, St Kilda, Toorak, CHADSTONE

Focus areas

Stress Management Headaches Physical pain Food sensitivities Love Intuitive energy healing

Special Offers

1. Free 15min Kinesiology Demonstrations.
To help you understand more about Kinesiology and how it may help you, I offer a no obligation, complimentary, one-on-one 15min appointment to give you an overview on how kinesiology works and how it may specifically help you.

2. Referral Discounts - Spring 2011.
It can be expensive seeing complementary therapists - I know, I see them as well! But we all need wellbeing and we all need to make a living. I would like to offer a solution . For every new client that you refer to me, I will offer you a discount on a session fee. You can accumulate as many of these discounts as you like, e.g. if you refer 5 people, I will give you 5 discounted sessions. The only conditions are:
a. Discounts apply to Kinesiology (not including Initial Consultation), Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing sessions only (see below for further information on available sessions)
b. The discounted rate listed below applies if you are receiving a concession rate or otherwise.
c. You referral must have received one of the above listed sessions (in point a.) before you can receive a discount.
d. Your referral will of course need to notify me that it was you whom referred him / her to me.

Discounted sessions are all priced at $50 and will run for the usual 1 hour.

Services Available

Concession discounts are available for students, pensioners and health care card holders (prices are shown in brackets).

Health Insurance Rebates are available dependent upon your Health Insurance Fund and the level of cover you hold. You will need to speak with your Health Insurer to find out if you are covered. Your fund will want to know that I am an accredited member of both the Australian Kinesiology Assoc (AKA) and the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists (AIK).

Standard Initial Kinesiology Consultation (1.5 hours, $110, $90 conc.)
In this session your detailed history is taken and then further discussion occurs with the purpose of identifying what areas you wish to focus on and what outcomes you wish to achieve. We will then work out a roadmap to your outcomes together then incorporate that into a Kinesiology Balance.

Standard Kinesiology Balance (1 hour, $90, $70 conc.)
These are follow-up sessions after the initial consultation, the purpose of which is continually help you move closer to your desired health and/or life outcomes. During these sessions, a purpose or desired outcome is taken from your roadmap (created in the Initial Consultation) or from other issues that may have presented themselves in your life and then we work towards its achievement using kinesiology techniques to identify and remove blocks and stresses that have been stifling your growth and progress.

Reiki (1 hour, $70).
A blissful, soothing hour for you to enjoy. Lie back, close your eyes, relax and receive an infusion of positive spiritual energy and life force!

Intuitive Energy Healing (1 hour, $70)
In these sessions, using guidance and intuition, I work directly with your chakras, meridians, aura and other energy lines to return smooth, unfettered energy flow to them and bring them back into alignment with your physical body. A deep sense of peace, grounding and centredness usually results. The commonest comment from clients after one of these sessions is similar to, Wow, I feel so light and so HERE.

Serenity Session ($50, 30 mins)
Also known as the "Stress Buster", this is a "back rub" for your mind and soul! In this session, I use all the energetic tools, techniques and modalities at my disposal to relax your mind and spirit (no physical massage is used). Walk in tense and stressed and then walk out 30mins later serene, relaxed and rejuvenated and with a smile on your face.

Food SensitivityTesting ($60, 45mins)
Food sensitivities and intolerances are becoming more endemic within the general population. With the advent of the industrial age and its advances in food storage techniques, which while they have allowed us to drastically improve our living conditions, have also come at a price. The incredible variety of foods available has allowed us to eat foods that are not natural to our body types, or have allowed us to over consume particular foods to the point where our body screams NO MORE!

The simple act of identifying and removing foods to which we are sensitive or intolerant can make a drastic improvement to our general health.

In this session, we test over 100 common foods to identify those for which your body displays a stress reaction. Please note, only testing is performed in this session. No balancing of your body to identified food stressors is done. This can be incorporated into a Standard Kinesiology Balance (or Standard Initial Kinesiology Consultation if you haven't had one) .

Flower Essence Balances ($40, 20 mins)
Many people are now familiar with the gentle yet powerful effect these beautiful essences can make in our lives. In this session, we will spend some time identifying the issue you wish to resolve or the outcome you would like to achieve. Then using biofeedback in the form of Kinesiology muscle monitoring techniques we will identify the Flower Essence (or Essences) that are most appropriate for you including the method, frequency and duration of use. This will remove the guesswork from selecting the best Essence(s) for you.

If it is required that you take an Essence (or Essences) for an extended period for optimal effect, you will be provided with a take home dosage bottle.

Essences used will come from the Bach Flower, Australian Bush Flower or Californian Desert Alchemy Remedies.

Crystal Selection Sessions ($50, 30mins)
If you feel a resonance with the rocks and minerals that are the children of the Earth, then kinesiology can be a great tool to help you find those that will work best with you.

Working in much the same way as a Flower Essence Session described above, we spend some time discussing the issues you wish to resolve or outcome(s) you wish to achieve and then use muscle monitoring to identify the most appropriate crystal(s) for you and their most appropriate use. You can then take these crystals away to begin your healing journey with them in your own time. (Alternatively, we can incorporate them into a standard 1 hour kinesiology balance if you choose).

You must provide your own crystals. However, as my room is in the practitioner space of Qi Crystals there is a wide array of crystals readily at hand for purchase! In this situation, we will identify the best type of crystal for you and then use muscle monitoring (if you wish) to identify from those crystals in the shop of that type, the particular specimen that has that highest resonance with you. It is important for me to state that I do not receive any commission from your purchases, if any are made. The crystal(s) selected will be only those that resonate with you and will help you move to the outcomes you desire.

Truepoint Kinesiology

Hello, my name is David Lane. I wish to tell you that what I love to do is help people reclaim their power to direct their own lives to their chosen outcomes; build positive, healthy relationships and create and maintain good health spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. I take great pleasure in helping people to feel more in control of their life, to feel more inspired to live it as they wish to live it with joy. Different people will use differing phrases to describe this state of state of being but it is essentially same outcome, whatever you label it, whether it is:

  • Finding true direction
  • Identifying and achieving goals
  • Having increased energy, vitality and joy in life
  • Coming to terms with who you are, why you behave as you do and being able to change behaviours that do not contribute to a joyful life.
  • Being all you can be

    Achieving this state of being can take a myriad of different paths and it is as unique a process to the individual as the individual is unique. The same thing does not work for every single person. For some, it will involve ridding the body of physical pain and fatigue; for others it will require processing past emotional experience; or changing some of the foods they eat; or becoming cognisant of the behavioural patterns they have and how they affect their relationships with others.

    This is just a small sample of what may need to occur. Almost always, more than one of these aspects is interlinked with another and so it will be combination of them that helps the client move themselves to a new state of balance with less stress than before. Less stress equals more energy and more joy! One of the truly powerful aspects of Kinesiology is its ability to identify the unique combination of these aspects required for each client.

    What does this mean for you? What Health problems can Kinesiology help you with?

    Kinesiology is truly holistic. It can identify and treat stressors at all levels: structural, biochemical, emotional, mental and spiritual. In fact, this succinctly describes the core concept in using Kinesiology - to identify the nature and the cause of stressors (that in turn cause the issues that the client recognises) and help to diffuse that stress. The removal of these stressors removes the force pushing us toward disease and pain, allowing us to return to our natural equilibrium.

    The potential applications are extremely broad. You do not need to have a health issue to seek out Kinesiology, but it can be beneficial for all of the following:
  • Stress reduction
  • Physical pain, including old injuries
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Recurring headaches
  • Allergies
  • Weight Loss
  • Nutritional issues, e.g. nutrient deficiencies, toxicities, food sensitivities, intolerances etc
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Imbalanced immune system function
  • Brain dysfunction and lack of integration - can assist with learning difficulties
  • Jaw tension and dysfunction
  • Poor posture
  • Much, much more....

    It is important to highlight that Kinesiology is a complementary therapy. I.e. whilst it can help people achieve wonderful outcomes when being used in isolation, it also works wonderfully well as a support and adjunct to our standard Western medical methods and other alternative therapies. It can increase the effectiveness of other therapies and also help identify treatments that are not creating the desired result.

    My Approach

    My sessions are caring, empathetic, personalised and honour the needs of each individual and each of their issues. They are strictly confidential and take place in a safe, serene environment. I endeavour to explain what I am doing as I work (as is appropriate and as time permits) and I try to use as simple, everyday language as I can. I came from a mainstream background a few years ago and I do remember what it was like when people more experienced in the field bandied around terms that I was not familiar with nor had a true grasp of what they meant. I believe it is important for the client to understand as much as possible the process they are going through it is the clients healing process after all, not mine.

    My greatest joy as a practitioner of Kinesiology comes from seeing my clients achieve permanent healing outcomes and freeing themselves to fulfil their highest potential. It is always exciting for me to watch each clients journey unfold and I consider it a privilege to be invited to play some part in that, however large or small. I look forward to meeting you, assisting you on your journey to living a life of inspiration and joy and helping to you find your way to create such a life.

    David Lane.

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