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Tuggerah Massage Therapy

Lynda Moss

Tuggerah Physiotherapy Clinic
1/17 Anzac Rd
Tuggerah NSW 2259

Servicing area: Tuggerah & Blue Haven

Tuggerah Massage Therapy

Structure dictates function, Function influences structure

Specialising in postural realignment and muscle rebalance

Tuggerah Massage Therapy

I specialise in postural realignment and muscle rebalance which I call Remedial Body Balance Therapy. 

Services: Remedial massage, Sports massage, Deep tissue massage utilising muscle energy techniques/ bio-mechanical mobilisation/positional, myofascial and trigger point releases. Advanced Bowen Therapy also known as Neurostructural Integration.

My motto:

Live Long ; Live well ; Live Right ; Live your life in balance.

Gentle Effective Treatment

Restore symmetry in musculo-skeletal system by eliminating imbalances and postural misalignments.

Release chronic tension patterns & joint dysfunctions by reducing pain & increasing biomechanical function & ROM.

Reduction in hypertonic musculature fatigue & neuro-muscular stress by improving tone & fluidity in connective tissue & myofascial trigger points.

Resolve sciatica, migraine & other neural symptoms by restoring equilibrium in the autonomic nervous system resulting in postural homeostasis.

Stimulate neurolymphatic reflex points to help assimulate nutrients, eliminate toxins and improve the body's healing capacity.

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Qualification Details

Diploma in Advance Bowen Therapy
Diploma in Remedial / Sports Massage
Certificate in Myofascial Release Therapy / Trigger Point Therapy / Intergrated Fascial Release/ Neurostructural Intregration Technique & Orthobionomy

Associated Member of the London & Counties Society of Physiologists
Member of Bowen Academy & Bowen Therapy Association of Australia
Work Cover Accredited RM2758
Accredited Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society

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Tuggerah Massage Therapy