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Tx For Health

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Tx is an abbreviation for treatment and is used by many therapists when writing their client notes. As we fill our lives and our expectations elevate, we all find more efficient ways of working and this has developed into shortcuts in life, and for many of us, puts pressure on our health.

Our activities and habits now contribute to mental, physical and emotional stress symptoms. And our own health is placed to one side until we have time! Treatments such as Bowen Therapy will help to naturally restore balance, promote self healing and provide immediate relief from pain and trigger points. And Reiki will invoke deep relaxation, work to treat the cause and help to recharge your energy levels.

I feel there’s a shift happening and we are consciously making the time for ourselves. The treatments at Tx For Health offer two very complimentary therapies that assist the body’s natural healing process and allow you to feel your healthy self once again.


Amy provides the treatments at Tx For Health and her passion is to provide relief and release that lasts.

The experiences she has gained by working long physically challenging hours with competition animals, spending many hours at a desk in a Pharmaceutical company, providing serenity as a Beauty Therapist and competing in the UK Amateur Boxing Association, Amy has unique insight to a number of lifestyles and the effects they have on the body. She also discovered an appreciation of how you really can improve your life by looking after yourself as a whole.

“Thank you for looking after yourself”


Bowen Therapy

owen Therapy is a soft tissue technique that re-hydrates, balances and re-aligns the fascia (connective tissue) by making a small rolling action in specific locations across the body.

Fibers of the fascia are stretched and separated allowing freedom of movement that is often restricted through injury, emotional stress and immobility.

We are stimulating the body’s healing processes that can help to reduce recovery time after operations or injury.

A few problems that have been relieved by Bowen are;

  • back and neck pain

  • headaches

  • migraines

  • restricted range of movement

  • vertigo

  • sciatica and

  • sport related injuries

You will be treated through your clothes, therefore it is advised to wear comfortable, loose clothing.

Most people report a feeling of release during or immediately after the treatment, but this can also be followed by delayed onset muscle syndrome, which is the stiff, achy feeling the day after increased exercise.

It may also take from 4 to 7 days for your body to react to the treatment, it is advised to be kind to yourself during this period, with reduced exercise and plenty of water with gentle walking to assist with the detoxification process.

Price - $80


Reiki is a beautiful hands-on energy therapy that is applied through the hands of the therapist using a series of hand positions. The word Reiki means “universal life force” in Japanese and works by accessing the body’s ability to heal itself and restore physical and emotional balance.

There is no belief system associated with this complimentary therapy and it is now offered in many hospitals as stress relief and alternative care options.

You are treated through your clothes; therefore loose, comfortable clothing is advised.

During treatment, clients often experience a sense of stillness, warmth, or tingling. There are no aftercare requirements, and people have reported feeling energised, active, refocused or completely relaxed.

Reiki Lineage

  • Mikao Usui

  • Churjiro Hayashi

  • Hawayo Takata

  • Wanja Twan

  • Greg Williamson

  • Roger Weston

  • Amy Wharton

Price - $60

Distance Healing

Healing energy can also be sent over distance and time, this means it can be sent anywhere in the world, making it very convenient as well as effective.

Distance healing is performed when the patient is unable to attend, due to illness or geographic restraints. The energy can also be sent to a point in the future to prepare for an event, or into the past to address a difficult time.

Sending requires a name, a place and a photograph if possible. Following the initial consult, an agreed date and time will be allocated.

During the session, energy paths are opened and natural healing processes activated. Those receiving distance healing have described feelings of deep calmness, warmth and tingling sensations.

Price - $80

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