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Ultimate Fitness Training

5-7 Hepher rd
Campbelltown NSW 2560

Welcome to Ultimate Fitness Training

Ultimate Fitness Training


Ultimate Fitness Training (UFT) is a family owned business. We have a passion for fitness and training and helping clients reach their full potentials.

Our aim is to help more people enjoy the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle.

We are committed to helping and motivate our clients to reach their goals.


Bun's Of Steel
This Class will Help tone up and turn your Glutes into steel.

HIIT Class
High Intense Interval Training you will get less rest time witch will help with your Cardiovascular System.

Max Core
This Class Wll help burn the fat and bring those abs out to shine strong core = strong body.

RIG Class
Rig Class will help you build strength and train you to push through the latic acid build up in the Muscles Light weights High Reps.

Supermums Group Training
Thank you for booking a class with us this class Focuses on Stripping fat ,body toning and losing weight Gained during Pregnancy Meet mothers who have the same Goals and workout together.

Weighted Vest
If you think training with your bodyweight is easy, try out our weighted vest class its 5kg for girls and 10kg for the guys

Womans Body Blast
This Body Blast Class Wll work your whole body, your using light weights and body weight exercises.

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