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I help people understand how their past is affecting their present so they can confidently redetermine their future. 

To achieve this, I use Rapid Transformational Therapy. This powerful therapy is a hybrid of hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT and talk therapy. RTT's technique is based on the scientific phenomenon of neuroplasticity, which helps my clients literally rewire their minds for incredible, rapid and permanent results. 


Unleash the Warrior

Every client that comes to me has one thing in common...their past is affecting their present and they have lost hope of being happy in the future.

When clients join Unleash the Warrior, they start my 3 Steps to Health and Happiness Program. This program took me over 2 years to create and I did so while I transformed my own life. After suffering from early childhood trauma, losing my brother to suicide and then my Dad to terminal illness, I had become so negative that my life was collapsing around me. My marriage, my job, my relationships with my chidlren...they were all at risk. I had always found the courage to keep going but it wasn't enough...I wanted more, I desperately wanted to be healthy and happy. I was exhausted from the constant overthinking, the pesistant sickness and I knew I was missing out on so much in life. I was determined to transform my life and that is exactly what I did with RTT. It gave me the confidence to overhaul my lifestyle, I lost over 75kgs, quit the job I hated and Unleash the Warrior was born. This program will change your life...if you are ready!

The exclusive online program runs for 3 months and includes; 


Understand your past - your past is AFFECTING YOUR PRESENT

Past trauma affects our minds and bodies, leaving us with debilitating symptoms that can destroy our lives. We look at your symptoms and we deal with what emerges to start to relieve you of the following;

  • Negative outlook - being pessimistic, feeling sad and hopeless
  • Chronic illness and pain -
  • Insomnia - laying awake analysing the day and worrying about the future
  • Irritable and angry - followed by guilt and shame for your behaviour
  • Fatigue and burnout- lack of motivation and no action
  • Poor self esteem and low confidence - feeling like an imposter
  • Weight issues/body dysmorphia - highly critical of yourself
  • and the appearance of others, and obsessed with your weight
  • Withdrawal from family and friends - feeling disconnected and alone
  • Easily stressed - hypervigilant and unable to relax
  • Filtered speech and behaviour - trying to fit in


MODIFY the present - link the past to the present and connect to the future

We help you change how you feel about past events, so you look at your present with a new positive perspective. You begin to rewire your mind for permanent change with;

  • Rules of the mind - finally discover why you think the way you do
  • Sleeping Soundly - beat Insomnia
  • Daily Self Hypnosis - ultimate relaxation in minutes
  • S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting - set realistic and achievable goals
  • Self Awareness - discover your core values and gain emotional intelligence
  • Gratitude - stop comparing yourself to others and
  • appreciate what you have now
  • Mind Body connection - learn how your thoughts and feelings are making you ill
  • Feel Good Chemicals - start producing natural chemicals to feel amazing

STEP 3  

Redetermine your future - Healthy habits present your ideal future

Your past is history and you are positively in the present. We create healthy new habits to build your future;

  • Healthy Eating Habits - reach your 'real' size and
  • gain formidable confidence
  • Lifestyle Habits - remove your excuses and move your body for more energy
  • Stress Management Techniques - have clarity and focus
  • Achieving your goals - take action and be motivated
  • Building connections and intimacy - set boundaries and connect deeply with the right people for you
  • Life Balance - family, work and play
  • Find your purpose - discover what it is that fulfills you

The program includes the RTT sessions required to relieve you of your symptoms, reiki healing for balancing, inclusion into an online community and assistance from our Program Coordinator (a previous client who transformed her life with the program). 

To find out more, please call me on 0417 026 882 for a free strategy call to discuss your individual needs. 

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Certified Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner

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Unleash the Warrior