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Van Balen Breathwork


Verity van Balen


What is Breathwork?

  • A safe, simple breathing technique that gives you the opportunity to change patterns and thoughts from the past which may be preventing you to live the present
  • Heals the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

Breathwork is…

Conscious connected breathing in and out through the mouth

Where did it come from?

Traditional healing methods from the East…Indian Ayur-Vedic, Chinese, and Tibetan traditional systems of medicine and later also Greek medicine all included breathing exercises to promote health…
up until recently, modern Western medicine has ignored breathing as a factor in mental and physical health…

When do people have their limiting beliefs installed?

  • Conception
  • Birth
  • Infancy and childhood
  • Early relationships with family and others
  • School
  • Intimate relationships
  • Traumatic events of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual nature (eg accidents, death)

Some common beliefs from birth

  • I’m not safe here
  • I can’t get enough
  • I am unlovable
  • No-one wants me
  • It hurts to breathe
  • I don’t have enough space
  • I hurt others
  • I’m not ready
  • I can’t do it myself

Illness…causes & healing

  • Traditional medicine often describes initial cause of illness as an internal imbalance (usually in chakras)
  • Energetically this imbalance weakens the natural defenses, and may lead to mental imbalance
  • Untreated mental /emotional imbalances left untreated may manifest as physical ailments
  • The breathing process is one natural therapy which can help heal the cause of illness at its source – be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual

Holding the breath!

  • Eg Hit thumb with hammer…hold breath to stop the pain…imprint with ‘stupid idiot’
  • Feel the pain again when start to breathe…equates to ‘it hurts to breathe’
  • In actual fact the more you feel, the more you heal!

Why conscious breathing?

  • Conscious breathing leads to conscious living…
  • responding rather than reacting…
  • personal responsibility…
  • living in the present…
  • creating your life as you create each breath

Why mouth breathing?

  • Nose breathing tends to direct most of the prana (energy breathed in along with O2) to the 3rd eye/mental chakra and the crown/spiritual chakra
  • Mouth breathing tends to send the bulk of the prana down into our lower chakras…those holding emotions of fear, sadness, and shame…for healing
  • We are breathing Energy as well as Air during a Breathwork session

Benefits: Physical

  • Energy builds in the ‘bodymind’ as tingling, vibrating, currents/waves
  • Energy concentrates in places where healing is necessary
  • Muscles/organs holding onto painful memories and accompanying emotions may become heavy, numb, tense, cramped before release through breathing
  • Detoxification occurs to a high degree

Benefits: Emotional

  • Emotions held by the muscles/organs begin to flow – perhaps old feelings of grief/anger/fear may arise
  • Release of unexpressed / repressed emotions
  • Breathwork guides client through the e-motions (energy in motion) for release
  • Intense relaxation and peace follow the session

Benefits: Mentally

  • Spontaneous memories may arise – possibly connected to an incident in the past where we may have made a decision, or a limiting belief about ourselves
  • Eg I am not good enough
  • Breathwork guides the client to view the decision and a shift begins to occur which automatically adjusts attitudes, confidence and self-esteem (action cf. reaction)

Benefits: Spiritually

  • Opportunity to experience those parts of ourselves which lie outside our physical body – our subtle bodies
  • May tap into the infinite energy source and feel an expansion of energy or a significant awareness of chakra energy
  • May experience a past lifetime
  • Connect with Higher Self / Purpose

Benefits: Medically

  • Release of chronic pain / illness
  • Chronic pain is seen as emotional, mental or spiritual trauma locked in the body – which is usually held in place also by a belief, formed at the original event which imprinted the trauma
  • Releases cellular memories which are like an electromagnetic charge in the cells of one or all parts of our body, energetically


  • 20 connected breaths is the basic breathing exercise
  • Through the mouth
  • Connect the in breath and the out breath in a rhythmic fashion
  • Effort on the in breath and just allow the out breath

What happens in a session?

  • At beginning of first session the interview phase which is important may take up to an hour
  • The actual breathing session generally lasts about 45 minutes to one hour (completed energy cycle) (breathing done lying down, to some suitable soundtrack, with a qualified Breathworker to create a safe space and to guide the client)
  • Consultation pre and post will make a subsequent booking last between 1½ and 2hrs

How many sessions?

  • 5-10 sessions are recommended initially, spaced about 1-2 weeks apart
  • After initial clearing phase, monthly ‘tune-ups’ can be very beneficial as stuff comes up to be healed on any level
  • Integration is the goal…wholeness…and living fully functionally

When is Breathwork useful?


  • when feeling fatigued, unwell
  • chronic illness,
  • lack of energy,
  • getting repeated bouts of the same illness

When is Breathwork useful?


  • when feeling unmotivated, stressed, depressed
  • when confused and needing clarity about how you’re feeling
  • relationship issues
  • processing strong feelings such as anger, sadness, grief, fear and panic
  • When you want to re-connect with joy, happiness

When is Breathwork useful?


  • For clearing thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you
  • When there’s lots of ‘drama’ in your life
  • Following relationship breakdowns, to deal with any newly installed beliefs
  • For clarity about tasks ahead, and to help prioritise the next step

When is Breathwork useful?


  • To re-connect with your Spiritual Self
  • Meaning and purpose
  • For a feeling of connectedness if feeling isolated
  • Peace and bliss

Breathwork transforms life!

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