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From naturopathic assessment and root cause analysis to nutritional advice, NES wellness scan and the latest in functional medicine testing, Vibrant Life Clinic can help you. Compassion, care, time and expertise set us ahead from the rest.

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Sinus Bioenergetics Health issues Emotional wellbeing Mineral therapy Relaxation

What People Are Saying About Us

Despite eating a restricted diet, I continued to have debilitating digestive and mental health issues. I had almost lost faith in the idea of leading a happy and healthy life. Cherie was knowledgeable and supportive but most importantly I felt she was not going to give up on finding the cause of my problems. Thorough testing and treatment plans have led me to feel the best I have in about 20 years. So very grateful, thank you.
- Fiona 

For 10 years or more I have suffered from physical fatigue and brain fog to varying levels.  This condition was impacting on my ability to carry out the most simple of life skills. Despite consultation with several medical specialists, I was unable to find a way forward in an energetic body and with a clear mind.  Cherie listened to my story with an open mind and tactfully asked questions to get a picture of my current health. Over a few months, she was able to diagnose and treat me back to full health and I am now jumping for joy with the change I have experienced.  Cherie looks at the bigger picture, enabling her clients to manage their health in the future with minimal assistance from medical practitioners. I thoroughly recommend Cherie to people of all ages with questions about their health or unresolved issues. You will be assured that you will get a comprehensive bank of knowledge and treatments that are not available to mainstream medical professionals.  Without Cherie, my quality of life would be substantially worse off. If only I was aware of her services I would have called her first.
- Norma

Just by chance, I came across a leaflet advertising Cherie’s Naturopathic Clinic. I read with interest that she specialised in the MTHFR gene mutation, of which I had recently been diagnosed.

I didn’t feel I had been given the correct treatment plan from my previous practitioner and started seeing Cherie. I have been very pleased with my progress thus far. With Cherie’s guidance, I have been undergoing the correct treatment plan and am pleased to say I have noticed a marked improvement in my symptoms. Cherie has a calm and welcoming nature and is committed to working on the best possible outcome. I would have no hesitation in recommending Cherie as a dedicated practitioner. I am SO glad I found her.
- Chris

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