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Equine Assisted Therapy
Member since
Mar 2007

Vicki Gekas

Contact Name Vicki Gekas
Mobile 0403 004 778
Servicing Areas Whittlesea and All Surrounding areas


Vicki Gekas - Equine Assisted Therapy

What is this about?

Horses assisting you to explore and discover your ‘self ’ in an experiential way. This happens through observations and interactions with the horses, whilst processing and discussing feelings, behaviours and patterns in your life.

My horses are not trained in any particular way and are free to respond naturally to what is happening for you (the client), always giving 100% accurate feedback in the moment. Observing and reflecting these behaviours and responses from the horses and your self, gives you the opportunity to make choices in changing what is no longer serving you or working for you in your life. Usually very quickly. Horses also reduce stress and increase resilience when you are feeling stuck.

Many of my clients are saying that working with the Horses is a Unique, Powerful, Healing Human experience like ‘no’ other model of Therapy that they have worked with before.

Clinical research shows that even being close to Horses can change Brain wave patterns allowing humans to be transformed in a very positive way.
  • No Horsmanship skills taught or required
  • All activities are on the ground
  • Full Insurance cover
  • Adults and Children welcolme
My extensive experience in working with clients and various issues, including Grief and Trauma, ensures emotional safety at all times.

I invite you to come and try so you can experience it for yourself.
50% discount on 1st session


    Diploma T.P. Counselling (MACA)

    Equine Assisted Therapy (EAGALA)

    Supervisor(ACA Certified)