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Chris Roberts RN

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Vital Energy
If you are looking for fast and effective relief of pain, increasing energy and healing without drugs and surgery you have come to the right place. Chris is a Registered Nurse and Natural Therapies Practitioner. Chris has been doing Bowen Therapy with great results for 9 years. She also utilises Reconnective Healing. Chris also offers Scenar Therapy and is the national trainer and clinical advisor for AcuScenTherapy. Chris also uses, recommends and teaches the Radiance Technique from the Back Pain Relief Association. Another very useful modality is Emotional Freedom Technique. She is available for home visits if required. After an assessment she will advise the best approach to relieve your pain or condition quickly and safely.

Vital Energy

Welcome to Vital Energy

Chris is a Registered Nurse with a long term interest in natural therapies and has been doing Bowen Therapy with great results for 9 years. She currently offers a mobile service covering homes and businesses on the Gold Coast. Chris also offers Reconnective Healing and Scenar Therapy and is the national trainer and clinical advisor for AcuScen Therapy. After an assessment she will advise the best approach to relieve your pain or condition quickly and safely.

Reconnective Healing

Experience healing beyond anything you’ve read about, heard about, dreamed about!
Scientists have shown great interest in this evolutionary work because of documented healings from various conditions. It’s NEW! It’s DIFFERENT! It’s REAL!
“If you’re lucky the healing will come in the form you anticipate. If you’re really lucky it will come in a form you’ve not even dreamed of – one which the Universe has in mind for you” Dr Eric Pearl.

The Reconnection with Eric Pearl

What is it all about…?
Reconnective Healing® : is a powerful, new form of healing that allows us to heal on many levels; including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - allowing us to come into balance with whatever is most appropriate for us in this moment. We can never predict in what form, or what order your healing will manifest, but these empowering, transformative, new healing frequencies will be definitely be effecting the vibration of your frequencies. One, two or three sessions are all that is recommended, and then allow time to unfold the healing that is most appropriate for YOU!

The Reconnection® : is a two session process that involves reconnecting us on a more powerful and evolved level than ever before; drawing on the basic energy for the renewal functions of the human body. It involves reconnecting your body meridian lines to the earth’s axia-tonal grid lines. Every person has a unique experience, which accelerates their life path and evolution. This process is only required once in your lifetime, with the effects continuing for the rest of Your lifetime.!

The Science:
Konstantin Korotkov, Professor of Physics at St. Petersburg State Technical University, Russia, has studied Human Energy Fields for over 40 years and his research team has developed a camera that is able to photograph these energy fields, the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) device. His work has vast implications and applications in the fields of medicine, psychology, biophysics, genetics, forensic science, agriculture and ecology, to name just a few.

"I was sceptical at first but after seeing the results of the testing we did at the 2008 conference I have no doubt that this is a new step in human development."

"Reconnective Healing is absolutely different to other healing modalities. From the experiments we have reached a very important conclusion (and all 3 teams of scientists agree): When we do Reconnective Healing we tremendously change the environment."

"And when people are involved in doing this healing, they are also receiving self healing"

Read more about Konstantin's work at: Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

Read William Tillers published paper at: William Tiller . His work with Reconnective Healing is discussed in his latest book, Psychoenergetic Science: A Second Copernican-Scale Revolution.

You can find the science papers by numerous research teams as well as many other published articles at:

Bowen Therapy

Could the complementary therapy known as Bowen Therapy heal your ailments?

Named after the Australian man who developed the therapy Tom Bowen, the Bowen Technique involves a gentle series of movements aimed at encouraging the body to heal itself.

How Bowen works:

More gentle than massage and not manipulative like some other therapies, the Bowen Technique uses very light, delicate but purposeful touches.

A session generally lasts half an hour to 45 minutes, with each consisting of a series of very specific movements, directly on the skin or through clothing, punctuated by a series of equally important breaks or pauses.

The treatment is thought to work by sending small impulses to the brain, which promote muscle relaxation and pain reduction, and help the body to remember how to heal itself.

Many people notice an immediate improvement after a Bowen session; many feel an improvement over the next few days.

Bowen therapy is not necessarily a long-term program with many recipients requiring only two or three sessions to provide long-lasting relief. Some come back for monthly treatments to maintain relief from the stresses of life.

Who Bowen can help:

Many research studies have supported the view that Bowen Therapy is beneficial for treating a wide range of conditions.

Practitioners and patients agree rating effectiveness at 85% for back pain, 88% for neck pain, 80% for hip pain and 75% for other conditions.

Clients who Chris has treated for the discomforts of pregnancy report alleviation of lower back pain during the third trimester and reduced pain during labour and shorter delivery time... Also baby bowen is great to settle the baby after the trauma of leaving the safety of the womb and coming into the world!

Due to its gentle non-invasive nature the Bowen Technique is considered suitable for anyone including the infants and elderly.

Some conditions that often respond favourably include: Back pain and sciatica, digestive and bowel problems, earache and TMJ. Also carpel tunnel syndrome, RSI and stress related and emotional problems.

Bowen for Hormonal Balancing helps a range of challenges:

Menopause - a series of specialised hormonal treatments which can assist you to manage this time in your life.

Enlarged prostate-bladder control - Bowen treatments have assisted suffers with an improved quality of life

Endometriosis - in conjunction with GP or gynaecologist

Bedwetting / incontinence for children and mature aged

Period Pain

Easy Birth? Midwives delivering an easy birth are now asking...."Have you been having Bowen?"
Pregnancy - from pre conception, fertility procedures, reducing discomforts, then balancing the post natal hormones.

Libido in males and females addressing the causes.

Infant procedures - help with colic, asthsma symptoms or breathing difficulties, distressed babies, feeding problems, projectile vomiting, bithing traumas and hyperactive babies.


Fast & Effective Pain Relief
Non Surgical - Drug Free

Relieve Pain and Promote Healing

AcuScen are are a range of state-of-art biofeedback medical devices incorporating electrotherapy scenar technology with complex software programming.AcuScen promotes the body’s own healing processes. Using only 2 AA batteries, it stimulates the body’s own pharmacy with harmless painless electric impulses via skin nerves. The brain mediates a bioenergy feedback by altering output every few milliseconds. The process initiates a release of biological activators such as endorphins, neuropeptides, neurotransmitters, the body’s own pain relievers and other mind/body stimulators. Biofeedback dynamics can induce remarkably rapid healing and improved function by unblocking “stuck” energy resonances and repetitive central nervous system patterns, allowing the body to heal itself. At the same time it also boosts the immune and endocrine systems to regain health and vitality.

The technology was originally developed by scientists in the Soviet Union as a healing tool for cosmonauts. It is now used extensively throughout the Russian medical system and gaining world wide interest and acceptance.
Extensive medical studies have shown the AcuScen device provides rapid pain relief, regulates and normalises body functions and accelerates the resolution of pathological processes, which results in diminished symptoms and improved function. A survey of nearly 11,000 Russian practitioners reported on 50,000 cases with many interesting treatment results of 79% – 100% improvement.
AcuScen therapy is the preferred treatment of many world class sports professionals. It may be used on its own or in conjunction with conventional medicine and complementary therapies. It is simple to use for home users and professionals.

“What’s astonishing is that this one treatment is so broad in its effectiveness. It can be used to treat a torn ligament or pulled tendon in one patient, heart and vascular problems in another, arthritic knees in a third, a burn in yet another, or to correct sleeplessness, appetite, behavioural problems, learning ability, memory, sexual function, and overall physical health in others. This device is a major advance in bioelectric medicine. It’s like having a whole hospital in the palm of your hand”
Dr L. Fedyniak MD


“I have been very impressed with the clinical results with the Acuscen in my nursing practice and in my Natural Therapies Clinic. Treating the back of the neck and wrists has resulted in complete elimination of pain and restoration of function in clients with carpel tunnel syndrome . Frozen shoulders have resolved in only a few treatments. Wound healing in chronic leg ulcers has shown marked improvement” Chris Roberts RN Gold Coast

“I was suffering debilitating pain from fibromyalgia and could not even use the keyboard due to pain in my hands. I purchased an AcuScen, use it on myself and it has changed my life. I can now sleep at night, walking is easier and I can use the computer again.” Pam, Tweed Heads

“I was using the AcuScen successfully for numbness and pain at night in my feet and found it improved my eyesight after the specialist had said there was no hope of improvement. “ Tony, Gold Coast

“The AcuScen gets me back to work quickly after sporting injuries” Paul

“This technology will completely change the face of medicine in the next 20 years”
Professor Keith Scott-Mumby, author of ‘Virtual Medicine’ top allergy specialist UK

The AromaTouch Technique is the clinical application of therapeutic grade essential oils. A 40 minute session incorporates simple massage techniques to the back and feet with the power of essential oils to create a powerful whole body wellness experience. It seeks to address four systemic constants that are present in daily life and which may serve as limiting factors in health: stress, immunity, the inflammatory response, and autonomic imbalance.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a simple yet remarkable tapping technique, a healing system that reduces the stress that underlies much disease. It has proven itself successful in many scientific studies. It works on a variety of health issues, emotional issues, and performance enhancement, even those that have been resistant to other methods. Beneficial for fears, phobias, addictions including food addictions, grief, physical pain, headaches, frozen shoulder, carpel tunnel syndrome and heaps more….
It can be learned and applied rapidly, to empower you to take control of your own health and reduce reliance on the medical system.

Chris works as a health guide from her beach front apartment on the Gold Coast. EFT and health guidance sessions can be from a distance via phone or skype.

You will find her caring and understanding as she guides you towards finding the fastest, safest way to relief of pain, healing acute and chronic conditions, and increasing energy.

Book a session with Chris and you will be on your way to be empowered to take control of your own health.

Qualification Details

"The Reconnection"
Registered Nurse
Diploma Bowen Therapy
Diploma Back Pain Relief Reflexology
Reconnection Healing
Reiki level 2
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Aromatherapy Massage


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