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Carol Schafer

Vital Healthgenics

14 Doveton Crs Mt Warren Park QLD 4207

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Bowen Technique, Naturopathy,Managing Peoples Health and Wellbeing,  Food Sensitivity Testing, Counselling, Ear Candling, Flower Essences, Homoeopathy, Herbals and Weight Loss

Vital Healthgenics

Servicing area

Mt Warren Park, Brisbane & Gold Coast

Focus areas

Growth Sadness Anxiety Grief Stress Management Body reading

Vital Healthgenics

Case history is taken assessing eating patterns, family history, medical history and any symptoms that may be occurring.

Iris diagnosis is taken into account where an Iris photo is taken and enlarged on a computer screen for the patient to observe and the main problems are also noted and the summary of the health of the patient is completed and managed with suitable eating plan, supplements, herbals or homoepathics.

All symptoms are addressed to bring the body back to good health.

Below are some of the health issues addressed:

    • Digestive Problems


    • Weight Loss


    • Women’s Health


    • Children’s Health & Behaviour


    • Stress


    • Depression


  •       Food Sensitivites

Computerised Health Care System works at Three Levels

1. Organ & Body System Analysis
For effective Prevention of serious health disorders, electronic measurement of acupuncture meridians can measure the energy levels in the bodys organ systems.

2. Specified Targeted Tests include

    • Nutritional Evaluation Vitamins, minerals


    • Food Sensitivities


  •         Stress Levels & Emotional states

3. Therapeutic
By synthesizing body readings with an extensive data base, the computer can provide effective treatment including:

    • Prescription of natural medicines including nutritional, homoeopathic and herbal remedies


  •        Computer Health Testing is not a medical procedure.

Counselling & Stress Management
Effective stress management can enrich one’s enjoyment of life.

In all areas of living, whether at home, at work, in family, friendship, social or business relationships the deeper understanding and appreciation of one’s own abilities and strengths allows a greater enjoyment as each day becomes an opportunity for growth and movement toward the dreams and goals that now seem more attainable.

Do you experience:

    • Stress


    • Anxiety


    • Depression


    • Low Self Esteem


  •         Grief and Sadness

Counselling and Stress management and working through issues are an essential component of a happy, secure and balanced person.

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Technique is a fascinating non-oil manipulation of energy flows within the meridians of the body made by hand movements by rolling over the muscles ligaments and tendons of the body.
At particular points on the body, specific moves are made by thumb and fingers drawing the skin back to make a rolling action over the muscle, ligament or tendon. These moves may be done through light clothing. Pauses happen between sets of moves to allow the nerves to settle and the practitioner actually leaves the room to allow the healing process to take place.

The Bowen Technique is suitable for everyone! Athletes, babies, the elderly, pregnant women, convalescents as well as people with every day problems. Bowen movements balances the connective and muscular tissues of the body.

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