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Offering remote animal communication sessions and energy work sessions to help your animal. I work from a photograph and my intuitive connection so can connect with animals all over the world. I have worked mainly with horses, cats and dogs, but I also have experience with reptiles and snakes, birds, guinea pigs and rats. My sessions offer supportive therapy for all animals, including those under veterinary care.

Wendy J Animal Connections

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I am an animal communicator and energy work practitioner, offering remote or online animal communcation sessions and energy healing sessions for your pets.  I have spent almost my entire life with farm animals and pets around me. Several years ago, I realised that I was "hearing" messages from our horses, and this led me on a journey of animal communication where I completed two courses.  A horse with a horrific leg injury then led me down the path to explore the wonders of energy healing and vibrational medicine.  
Are you worried about your pet?  Does something just feel "off" with them?  A sick animal needs veterinary attention, but sometimes an animal is troubled by things that a veterinarian can't diagnose.  Sometimes these are physical problems, sometimes they are emotional, mental or even spiritual troubles.
By connecting telepathically with your animal, I can chat with them much the same as people chat over a cup of coffee.  General chat about every day life, likes and dislikes, any issues that may be troubling them.  They might tell me what is troubling them, or I often feel intuitively what they are feeling and can ask them why they are feeling that way.  Even physical issues can come to me this way and I can describe the issue and where it is.
Often, once I tell the owner, the penny drops and they understand perfectly why the pet feels the way it does.
What can I help you with?
General communication about life in general, favourite foods, favourite activities etc;
Strange or unusual behaviour, or pets acting out of character (possible being very timid or aggressive);
Adjusting to change when the family moves house or the animal has to be rehomed;
Rescue pets and the issues that sometimes come with them;
Adjusting when a new family member arrives, or a family member moves or passes away;
Health management issues such as diet, exercise, or sleeping arrangements.
I am also able to connect with animals who have passed away and are in spirit, to help with any unresolved issues or questions you may have for them.

Please contact me via phone, email or my Facebook page to book a session.  I send a transcript of my findings after the session, and then we can chat about it and I can reconnect with your pet for any additional information that may be needed.

*Animal communication and energy work do not replace veterinary treatment.  If your animal is seek, please take them to the veterinarian.  I am not a veterinarian, so I can not diagnose or prescribe drugs for your pet.



3 Services

Animal Communication

Animal Therapy Animal Therapy Online
$75 Per session

I connect intuitively with your animal from a photograph of their face and hold a conversation with them, asking them questions that you would like to know the answers to. I can ask about their food, activities, sleep, behaviours etc.

Animal Energy Work

Energy Healing Energy Healing Online Animal Therapy Online
$75 Per session

I connect intuitively with your animal through a photograph of their face, and can see their auras, check their chakras and look for areas of blocked or stagnant energy that my be effecting the physical or emotional health of your animal.

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9:00 am To 5:00 pm


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