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Replace negative beliefs with feelings of empowerment,  positivity and peace. 

Theta Healing

Servicing area

Gisborne, Sunbury, Macedon, Kyneton, Woodend,

Focus areas

Physical health Wellbeing Finances Belief systems eDISC Yin

What is Theta Healing (R)?

Theta Healing is an energy healing technique that works at a deep level to reprogram self limiting beliefs and feelings which are held on a subconscious level, replacing them with empowering positive ones. 

Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs are formed at an early age and are shaped as a result of our upbringing, society and life experiences. Our reality is often a reflection of these beliefs and programmes, and while positive ones serve us well, negative belief systems can hold us back from reaching our potential and from living a life of joy and fulfilment. 

How can Theta Healing (R) help you?

  • Shift blockages in your life such as relationship issues, finances and work issues
  • Change unhelpful negative behaviours and patterns
  • Enhance and deepen your spiritual connection and sense of purpose
  • Support you with emotional or physical issues. 

What Happens during our Theta Healing (R) Session?

Theta Healing works on the understanding that there is a higher consciousness. With your permission we start by exploring the areas you wish to focus on. These maybe particular emotions, blocks, or challenges in your life that you wish to change.

During the session, I work in the Theta brain wave state which is the same level of neurological activity as hypnosis and deep relaxation. In this state I am able to tap into the highest Universal intelligence to faciltate a healing for you. 

Some people experience colors or images during the treatment, others have a sense of their energy shifting. Every session is unique and personal to you. Others feel a sense of ease and peace as they realise as the days pass that they have released beliefs that have previously held them back. 



  • Intuitive Healer
  • Homeopath
  • Usui Reiki Master
  • Diploma In Life Coaching
  • Usui Reiki Practitioner
  • Bachelor of Homoeopathy

Professional Membership

  • Reiki Australia

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