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White Lotus Yoga

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Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

White Lotus Yoga

Servicing area

City of South Perth

Focus areas

Relaxation Gratitude Well-being Stress management Nervous system Mantra

About Kundalini Yoga

A complete workout for your mind, body & soul.

Kundalini Yoga is and ancient form of yoga that has only recently found its way to the West brought by Yogi Bhajan. It is the yoga of "awareness" and is the fitness technology of the future because it works the total you.
Kundalini Yoga is considered the most comprehensive of all Yoga, combining breath, postures, sound, chanting and meditation to help you unlock your true potential.

Kundalini Yoga is for every body whether you are new to yoga or have previous experience you will benefit.

Take the first step on a new path and start a beautiful journey with Kundalini Yoga.


Benefits of Kundalini Yoga
  • Improved wellbeing and better health
  • Increased strength, energy, flexibility, endurance & vitality
  • A strong, flexible & calm mind in the face of stress/change
  • Balances your glandular system
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Enhanced peace of mind
  • More spontaneous flow of joy & happiness
  • Greater clarity of thought


Preparing for a class

What to bring?
Bring a yoga mat/sheepskin/large towel or blanket to sit on and something to cover up with during deep relaxation. If you are particularly tight in the lower back or pelvis a cushion can also make class more comfortable for you.

What to wear?
Wear anything comfortable which does not restrict your movement, you will be bending, squatting, raising arms and twisting. Preferably cotton or other natural fibre. Also wearing layers is useful, since your body may warm up considerably during your yoga practice, and cool down during relaxation and meditation.

Before the class
Do not eat anything substantial for 2-3 hours before class. Sometimes this is a challenge and if you need to have a light snack (i.e. a piece of fruit) before class to sustain you until after your yoga practice.

Taking care of yourself
Trust your own intuition about how far to push yourself physically. While you do need to work and break through some of your perceived boundaries you should never strain your body. Please inform me before class of any injuries or medical conditions.


A Typical Kundalini Yoga Class

There are six major components of a Kundalini yoga class, no matter where it is taught in the world. The typical duration of a class is 60-90 minutes:
    Each class begins by chanting the Adi Mantra, ‘Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo’. This centers us into our higher self and prepares us for the class.

    Warm-ups may be used to prepare the body for the main yoga set (Kriya). This may be a pranayam- a breathing exercise for breath awareness or a series of physical postures (asanas) designed to stretch and warm-up the body.

    Kriyas are complete sets of exercises that are performed in the sequences given by the Master, Yogi Bhajan. Kriyas involve exercises, postures (asanas), breathing (pranayam) and often meditations.

    Each Kriya ‘works’ on a certain component of your mind and body system. Kriyas are practiced in a specific order and to a specific time to make sure they are as safe and effective as possible. This makes our practice very focused and direct.

    Deep Relaxation
    Deep relaxation assists in integrating changes brought about from the Kriya. It is particularly important as it rejuvenates the nervous system, distributes Prana (positive energy) through the body, releasing rigid patterns (tension) in the muscles and blood flow, circulates glandular changes, centers emotional energies and assists with learning to let go and handle stress.

    Complements the physical yoga exercises and allows us to silently reflect. It promotes a sense of well being, inner peace, stability and calm.

    The class is closed with the ‘Long Time Sunshine’ prayer or song and chanting at least one long ‘Sat Nam’ (I am Truth).

    Often the class may bow together in respect and gratitude. Bringing your head below the heart symbolizes the process of going beyond the mere mental acceptance of the teachings and opening the heart to receive them.


Note: classes commence Sunday February 5, 2012.

Sundays 3 pm - 4pm

George Bernett Leisure Centre
Manning Road, Karawara, Western Australia

$15 casual, $70 for a 6 class block

Classes begin promptly, so please arrive at least 5 minutes beforehand.
Private lessons are available on request.

More Kundalini Yoga classes & Meditation classes coming soon!

About Me

Bree Gallagher
Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Member of IKYTA & KYTANZ

My journey with Kundalini Yoga happened completely by accident! After spending several years practicing yoga in various forms, I discovered Kundalini Yoga. It was an instant connection. One of those light bulb, pivotal moments in my life. I knew right from the get-go I had discovered something that would profoundly change my life.

As such is the way of the Kundalini Yoga, my life has changed greatly on all levels; physically, mentally and spiritually. I believe in the power of Kundalini Yoga and the ability for it to transform your life and to bring out our full potential.

I am passionate about sharing the technology of Kundalini Yoga to empower and inspire others to cultivate a healthier, happier and fulfilled life.

It is my desire that you will join me in a class to develop a deep dense of awareness and experience true transformation of your body, mind an soul through the teachings of Kundalini Yoga.

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