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Jarrah Curry APD

The Wholefoods Nutritionist

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Wholefoods Nutritionist is a Brisbane-based nutrition and wellness company founded by Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist, Jarrah Curry.

The Wholefoods Nutritionist

Focus areas

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About Us

Jarrah is committed to offering all patients individualised, patient-centered care using diet to create positive health outcomes. Jarrah has worked in private practice for the last four years after completing her studies at QUT. Whilst working in private practice, Jarrah gained extensive experience in chronic disease management, weight-loss and gastrointestinal conditions. Her passion for dietetics lies in food allergy and intolerance management, weight-loss and vegan/vegetarian diets.

Jarrah strives to motivate and provide friendly guidance to her patients as they move towards achieving their individual health and nutrition goals. Jarrah passionately believes every patient’s outlook on, and approach to, life can be improved by what and how they eat, and she will stop at nothing to ensure her patients’ continued success, health and happiness.


Initial consult  - $75 / 45 min

A comprehensive one-on-one consult to assess overall nutritional adequacy of current of diet, in addition to the patient's specific nutrition-related issues, symptoms and relevant medical history. Further tests may be requested by Jarrah following nutritional assessment (ie allergy, stool samples). An initial consult also includes the discussion of goals and the development of a tailored nutrition action plan.  

Review consult -  $60 / 30 min

A one-on-one consult to review nutrition and lifestyle changes, body composition changes and discuss test results if needed. A revision of the patient's nutrition action plan and any further changes / additions will be provided if required.

Nutritional testing

Jarrah is a registered Health Practitioner with QML and Nutrigenomix. After a detailed nutritional assessment, she may request any of the following tests to help diagnose nutrition-related problems:

  • Hormone testing

  • General  wellness check (including a full blood cell, electrolytes, liver function test, C-Reactive Protein and iron studies).

  • Lipid Screen 

  • Glucose Screen

  • Diabetic Profile

  • Cardiovascular screen

  • Coeliac profile

  • Osteoporosis marker 

  • Faeces MCS & OCP

  • Serum vitamin and mineral

  • Allergy testing (including inhalant, childhood allergy, allergenic foods, mould & mites)

Nutrigenomics - $450

Nutrigenomics uses genomic tools and information to address issues important to nutrition and health. The main goal of nutrigenomics is to prevent chronic disease by examining how the interaction between genes and diet can positively influence human health. The protein products of our genes (enzymes, transporters, receptors, hormones etc.) interact with components of the food we eat to influence our nutritional status. Genetic variation results in multiple versions of genes, which can lead to differences in the amount of proteins produced and how efficiently proteins function. Genetic differences can affect how we respond to the foods we eat, giving each of us our own specific nutritional needs. 

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