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Glenda Chapman

Wholistic Analysis Services

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Glenda Chapman integrates, Naturopathy, Homeopathy and screening tools, together with other modalities to obtain information on your current state of health.

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Redland Bay, Queensland

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Aches & pains Blood analysis Addiction Headaches Lifestyle Natural medicine

Glenda works with you to accurately analyse, advise and educate you to achieve the neccessary changes for healing to take place.


  • Naturopathy
  • Homeopathy
  • Iridology
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About Glenda Chapman

In facing many challenges with my own health over the years and raising 2 children of my own, I’ve come to understand that “mainstream medicine” does not have all the answers.

With our modern world of pollution, chemicals in our food and fast and stressful life styles, our health is challenged on a daily basis. For us to remain in balance, happy and content we need to be vigilant in knowing how to stay well.

My passion is in natural health using evidenced based remedies and supplements that supports our immune system and strengthens our overall constitution. Our emotional self is also extremely important when treating all health conditions and this is why I love to work with homeopathy in conjunction with naturopathic principles.

My quest for updated knowledge and research in all areas of natural health has me attending conferences and seminars on a regular basis and integrating this new knowledge into my practice. I have been established and in clinical practice in my business, “ Wholistic Analysis Services” for the past 15 years (Est 1999) and continue to educate and inspire people to take care of their own individual health and the health of their families, remembering that “prevention is better than cure”.


“You have been a wonderful help to me …. I admire you for all you have achieved and your success in what you do. (So well.) Thank you once again for your encouragement and sincerity.”
- CH

“I saw Glenda at the time suffering from chronic fatigue, reflux, sinus and headaches. I found it impossible to do a days work as I was always tired. I am pleased to announce that since taking Glenda’s advice, my health is returning and my energy level is the highest it has been in six years. Reflux has totally gone and my headaches have disappeared.”
- DN

“After a series of miscarriages, severe constipation and feeling fatigued, and falling pregnant yet again, I had a consultation with Glenda. After 3 weeks I had never felt better in my life! My child was born fit and perfectly healthy. I cannot speak highly enough of our experiences of Wholistic Analysis Services with Glenda. Her ongoing support has been tremendous, and I recommend her to all.”
- SG

“I was amazed at her level of accuracy in identifying potential issues and deficiencies with my level of health. She identified such without any prior knowledge nor prompting from myself. She recommended some changes to my diet and suggested herbal supplements to assist in remedying these issues and deficiencies. From that my health and general level of well being improved. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her consultancy practise to others.”
- JH

“I saw Glenda because my energy level had dropped dramatically as I felt very tired. My tiredness and pain had disappeared after only taking her recommended supplements. With her extensive in-depth knowledge of nutrition and supplements, she has taught me a lot about the subject and lives it herself. I can recommend her very highly to all.”
- WB

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