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You are always entitled to a massage, it is a neccessity not a luxury, help yourself to stay vibrant & healthy! 

WildSeas WellBEing - Massage


Aromatherapy /Ayurvedic

An uplifting and immune boosting treatment that uses essential oils.

    • 60 minutes $95
    • 90 minutes $135

Sacred Stone Therapy

A deeply nurturing and balancing treatment that grounds and connects us to the earth & ourselves.

    • 60 minutes $110
    • 90 minutes $155

Zen & Barefoot Shiatsu

Acupressure without the removal of clothing and conducted on a soft futon.

    • 60 minutes $95
    • 90 minutes $135

Ka Huna Hawaiian Massage

A flowing, energetically vibrant yet deeply relaxing whole-body massage.

    • 60 minutes $95
    • 90 minutes $135


Treat your humble hands and feet. This includes a foot spa and amazing calf massage.

    • 30 minutes $60
    • 45 minutes $75

Bowen Therapy

Soft, gentle holistic method that is amazing for pain relief.

    • 45 minutes $50
    • 60 minutes $70


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Qualification details

Cert. Herbal Medicine, Cert. Aromatherapy, Cert. Swedish Massage, Cert.IV Bowen Therapy, Adv.Cert. Ka Huna, Adv. Cert. Sacred Stone, Diploma Shiatsu Therapy, Cert. 1& 2 Reflexology

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