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Jeremy Sheldick

A modern movement and dance approach that enquires about the theoretical dimension of movement.

Yogaboogie - About

Whenever we learn something new, there can be a period of discomfort or frustration, as we see that most of our efforts do not meet our expectations. Soon after trying them, I'm sure we'd all love to master certain things. We start to appreciate our efforts only over time, understand the bravery required to be a beginner, and accept our efforts. I thought it would be nice to be able to work in a place of equilibrium, where we can experience something new and a little joy and satisfaction.
Okay, I've created a class which I think has such an equilibrium, no ' moves ' and is on the verge of imagination and has a very own form of imaginary structure. We can ride on this imaginative edge together in a yogaboogie class, we can experience this ' uncomfortable ' feeling of a beginner and use it as an instrument of development in movement, creativity and dance! In the classes, we always have a lot of fun! The lessons may be slow, meditative or more active. Take your time and look around, everyone is welcome regardless of your age or skill.


  • Floor Oriented Practical Movement
  • Contemporary/Classic Ballet Inspired
  • Stretch/Coordinate

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