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Yoga with Lyn

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From the moment you walk into our Yoga room you quickly leave your cares and worries behind resting the mind. With the serene surroundings and amazing water views you begin to connect with the breath bringing an inner calm. Our class is warm and friendly Yoga with Lynn specialises in alignment based hatha yoga classes with particular attention taken to each individual. As our bodies are all uniquely different, I like to design classes to fit the class rather than the class having to fit the yoga. Specific instructions are given to enable everyone to work at their own levels. In this way you can work within your own limitations and steadily increase your yoga practice without injury.

Yoga with Lyn

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Nervous system Relaxation Joy Circulation Fitness Lifestyle

I began my own personal yoga journey 18 years ago with an inspirational teacher and mentor whose mother was also a reknown yoga teacher in the sutherland shire.

I had always loved sports but started Yoga to help with lower back issues from past activities that couldnt be resolved with just massage or physiotherapy. I found I could get great relief from backpain practicing yoga and I was able to manage without the continual visits for treatment.

I had always wanted to take my practice a step further to teach and once my children were old enough I decided to take time out to begin teacher training in Byron Bay. I Completed Level 1, 200 hour training there with the Byron Yoga Centre. I loved what I was doing and had the yoga bug and just wanted to learn more so I travelled to Bali and completed Level 2, 300 hours. The more I learnt the more I wanted to know so I have continued studies since then in Yoga Therapy and as well now hold Cert IV in Yoga.

After experiencing Prenatal yoga myself with my 5th child I wanted to share with all other expecting mothers the benefits of yoga. So Prenatal, teacher training was also on my wish list. On completing 100 hour training with Bliss Baby I am also now a Registered Yoga Prenatal, Postnatal and Mums & Bubs Instructor.

I love to share my love for yoga and its amazing to see the
difference it can make in people. In my classes I like to have the yoga fit the people rather than the people fit the yoga. We are all uniquely different and whether you are super fit or have never exercised before Yoga is perfect as you work within your own limitations to steadily increase your fitness without injury.

Join me for our class in serene surroundings, water views, air conditioning.

  • Improve strength, Build Stamina, Increase Flexibility

  • Bring body & mind in Balance

  • Calm the nervous system.

  • Assist with stress, depression & addictions.


Hatha – Purna Style Yoga

Yoga is one of the most effective and rewarding paths to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Yoga is for everyone.

Discover why elite athletes (such as Footballers, Surfers, Cricketers) Actors, Musicians and Academics practice the ancient art of Yoga to enhance their ability with clarity and calmness of mind.

Learn techniques to help keep calm and confident when feeling under stress.

Key Benefits:

  • Improve muscle tone and strength

  • Build Stamina

  • Increase breath capacity

  • Increase energy and Flexibility

  • Bring your body & mind in Balance

  • Calm your nervous system

  • Assist with stress, depression & Addiction

Mums & Bubs

Its even more important after giving birth to take time out to look after yourself, but not always easy. Join other mums and bubs in a safe warm environment . Feel relaxed to attend to your baby during the class as you need.Not only are you working on toning, strengthening and stretching the whole body, you are getting the opportunity to focus totally on bonding and helping your baby be more relaxed.

Key Benefits:

  • Strengthen & tone your body in a safe and effective way

  • Increases strength and stability of abdomen & pelvic floor

  • Reduces back pain & relaxes the nervous system

  • Brings balance to the endocrine system (hormonal balance)

  • Relieves fatigue & boosts your energy

  • Relaxes & calms your mind

  • Encourages baby postural development

  • Increases bonding between mum and baby

  • Movement can give relief to colicky babies, improve digestion, development of brain and nervous system and improve SLEEP


Prenatal Yoga Class – Bookings Essential
Our expectant mums are welcome to other classes on the timetable however this class is especially designed for you.

Congratulations on your Pregnancy!

During the 9 months of pregnancy your body will go through many changes. This unique Prenatal Yoga class will provide safe and effective exercises designed to relax and strengthen your rapidly changing body and prepare you for easier childbirth.

The practice of Prenatal Yoga will assist you in preparing your body and mind for the greatest event in life.

Pregnancy yoga is an amazing tool of self-awareness that teaches mothers to flow, relax and enjoy their pregnancy.

The breathing techniques will improve oxygenation of blood and in turn enhance the wellbeing of the mother. The baby will learn from her mother’s breathing patterns how to breathe, thus learning correct breathing patterns from the womb.

Come and share your experience with other women as you relax through yoga and meditation.The practice of meditation will allow for the most beautiful bonding experience of mother and baby. The benefits of practicing Yoga before, during and after pregnancy are incommensurable and soul fulfilling for mother and child.

Key Benefits:

  • Prenatal Yoga can help with minor discomforts of pregnancy, cramps, sluggish digestion, heartburn, reduce back problems and improve posture.

  • Improve balance and co-ordination

  • Improve circulation and can help with fluid retention (reduce swelling of ankles and legs).

  • Deep toning of birth muscles (T.A. Muscular walls of the uterus and pelvic floor) to help woman ‘birth lightly’ strength, flexibility and agility.

  • Most importantly mental and physical strength in preparation for the challenges ahead.

  • Facilitates quick postnatal recovery.

  • Improvement of general fitness, stamina and well being and connection to that of the foetus.

  • Awareness and control of breath as an effective tool during pregnancy as well as an effective technique to help with pain management, focusing and relaxing during labour and also reduce blood pressure.

  • Promotes relaxation stress management

Private Classes

Perfect for beginners. Learn the fundamentals before joining group classes.

Suitable for those requiring personalised sessions due to specific injuries. Ideal for people with demanding schedules and those requiring specific results.

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