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Lynda G Confidence & Self Love Coach

Lynda G Confidence & Self Love Coach

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Hi I’m Lynda,  A woman's Confidence & Self Love Coach. I help women let go of self doubt, not feeling good enough, anxiety and inner blocks to achieve more success in life, relationships and business. If you are done with doubting yourself and feeling anxious with a negative inner voice that always seems to bring you down and are ready to ignite a new level of confidence and success, then you are in the right place. Working together, I will support you to transform your life, relationships and business success rapidly, yes this inner work achieves rapid lasting change! So if you always second guessing yourself and constantly comparing yourself to other women, it's time to know that this can be changed rapidly when you work with the power of your subconscious mind. There is true freedom to take control back over your mind, instead of your mind running you! In our work together you will release the hidden blocks and let go of self doubt, not feeling enough, people pleasing, over thinking and transform your world so you can start enjoying life by standing in your power, raising your standards and boundaries and living a life you love, where you will embrace unconditional self love and start manifesting with ease! So spread your wings and set yourself free and book a Free Discovery call today, to discover how I can help you reclaim the real you! I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you, so you can experience greater self belief, more love, abundance, happiness, better health, wealth, confidence and freedom by aligning to the amazing woman that’s within!  Lynda G xx  

Lynda G Confidence & Self Love Coach

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Bondi Junction, Clovelly, Maroubra

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Joy Fears Self-love Feeling stuck Anxiety Guilt

My belief is that inside every woman there is an empowered woman within, often she's hidden because the inner critic has taken front row seat. When we work together the outcome will be that you will embrace and embody greater self love and confidence and be your own best coach. This is when a woman feels aligned and empowered, often for the very first time! This is about releasing the inner critic thats been sabotaging your happiness and success!

So how do we get you there?  It's not from regular counseling that's for sure. This work I do is rapid and transformational, because we release the hidden blocks by working with your subconscious mind, where lasting change is created. 

Using a unique combination of advanced hypnotherapy and coaching I support you to create phenomenal lasting changes.

This is what a recent client shared and when she was only half way through the program "Lynda you have flipped shit on its head and I feel more empowered everyday!"  

I had a client that was hustling and over-giving in her business and at the end of her 30 Day package she experienced the best income months she has ever had in business and ignited her confidence to take action that she had previously avoided. She continued to work with me and at the end of her 3rd package she has consistent good months, her negative inner voice was no longer, her self belief and confidence skyrocketed, partner resigned and joined her company and now he works for her, as they experience more happiness and more success together than they ever thought possible.

Another client who was in a management position came to me to resolve why she had felt deeply depressed for many years. It was impacting her work life and her relationship and her relationship. She had lost her spark, her confidence and happiness and was feeling like a fraud. End of program, you guessed it, no more depression, re-ignited spark within, a renewed relationship and greater happiness with her partner and her level of happiness and confidence skyrocketed in her management role. Each time we spoke she couldn't stop smiling and thanking me for changing her life!

One woman felt a sense of hopeless to create any change and had given up hope of buying her dream home off grid to run her yoga and massage business.  After her second month of doing the Empowered Woman Within immersion, guess what she has purchased her first home off grid on a stunning island in Queensland a childhood dream she never believed would ever manifest. She left a job she loathed and ignited her joy and passion for coaching and has built an incredible new community and things just keep evolving. 

These are just some of the powerful and rapid transformational results women achieve with me. So if you're ready to experience change and experience more happiness, success, more confidence, abundance and greater self belief and let go of the hidden blocks, it's time to take action and get the support you need. You just cant create these transformations on your own, this is why to have success you need to reach out to someone to experience this level of transformation. 

Here's why I get such amazing results with my clients ....

I am passionate about rising women and I'm a Certified Hypnotherapist, HeartHealing™ practitioner, RTT Therapist and most of all I healed myself first! So I know what it feels like to be living with an inner critic that is full of self doubt, lack of belief and lack of confidence. Yes I was once a perfectionist and had a massive inner critic, but I healed and released all the hidden blocks and now I help other ambitious heart-led women create a life they love!

So if you’re an ambitious heart-led women that is done with doubting yourself and sabotaging your success, this work is for you to create true freedom.

So, if you are ready for greater freedom, confidence, happiness and success this is just an aspect of the work you will achieve. 

  • We will release limiting beliefs and upgrade them
  • Heal emotional wounds
  • Uplevel your self confidence
  • Free you from self doubt, overgiving and hustling and self sabotage
  • Re-ignite self love and self belief
  • Empower the wealthy, worthy, woman within
  • Bring more joy and freedom into your life
  • Create more abundance and success with ease

HeartHealing™ is a powerful modality that creates all these changes at a soul level through the incorporation of spiritual and scientific techniques which were channeled from it’s pioneer, Natasha Bray, worldwide Success Mastery Coach, who I trained with. 

Most methods in the transformational industry focus on the power of the mind, and whereas mind transformation can be powerful, HeartHealingTM focuses on the most radical and powerful transformation you can ever experience: healing your heart.

Your heart holds the wisdom to what is really holding you back and reveals the hidden blocks and wounds your mind cannot see. According to quantum physics, the heart has an energetic frequency thousands of times stronger than the mind. So it makes sense that healing your heart may create much bigger transformation than just healing your mind.

HeartHealing™ is based on a relationship based model of success that metaphorically breaks down those walls built around your heart by unveiling and addressing the cycles of wounding passed down through families in as little as one hour.

This approach unveils hidden blocks that mind-based techniques alone are unlikely to uncover and rapidly moves you towards a sense of inner freedom through opening your heart to receiving more love, abundance, inner peace and success in your life.

HeartHealing™ sessions are part of a unique immersion of coaching and inner work I take my clients through. Depending on what you want to achieve I start with a 30 Day Immersion Confidence & Self Love and then offer my 90 Day Signature program Empowered Woman.

These immersions clear inner blocks and heal old beliefs and this is combined with soul aligned coaching sessions support you to integrate new strategies to feel aligned more confidence and achieve greater success.


from 3 HeartHealing™: sessions and coaching calls:

I've spend the past 3 months deep diving into my heart wounding, subconscious patterns and old belief systems with Lynda from Lynda G Transformation Life Coach. 

It has been incredibly eye opening, transformational and powerfully healing. 

Lynda is a wonderful facilitator, she's helped me push through my own limits to reach heights of change I could not have imagined without her. 

I feel so lucky to have discovered HeartHealing and to have had the joy of working with Lynda, I feel my potential in life, business, happiness and my relationships has sky rocketed and for the first time ever I have a sense true fulfilment & contentment, without that constant inner nagging of wanting/needing the next thing to make me happy... woah what a nice feeling. 

Lynda has helped my unlock flow & attraction -  money, things & experiences are showing up like never before, everything feels easier, my clients are happier, my weeks are freer and my business is growing at a consistent rate even in the middle of lockdowns and madness. 

HeartHealing™  is a tool every human should try, we all have wounds, blocks and unhelpful beliefs and this allows for fast and effective release to open up a better world for ourselves. 

If you are looking for a change in life or a new tool in your personal growth tool belt, look no further than Lynda & HeartHealingTM, you will LOVE IT!!



  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • HeartHealing™ Practitioner
  • Rapid Transformational Therapist
  • Transpersonal Art Therapist
  • Counsellor


I also facilitate transformational art therapy & mindset groups, which create wellness, change and connection in a private treatment center. 
Nature is my place that restores my soul, whether it's the ocean or the forest I'll take either. I meditate and exercise daily and believe that everyone needs love and connection to live their best life.

"Since our sessions I have definitely noticed a big change in me. I am more relaxed and stronger about situations. I have recommended you to others. Thanks so much Lynda x" Jo

"I just want to say that if you are considering transformational work with Lynda do not hesitate for a second." Anita

"I was feeling stuck and fearful when I went to see Lynda. After our sessions and in the weeks past, I am feeling the best I had felt in a long time. I was happy, energised and I have stopped procrastinating." Sam

"Lynda has supported me with a few presenting issues. One in particular was causing me a huge deal of stress. I had a long term addiction. I was completely blown away when we got to the root cause because I had no awareness that something my brother had said to me as a kid, had created such a huge impact in my life. I was amazed that after one session this addiction has stopped" Deb





Professional Membership

  • IICT - International Institute For Complementary Therapists

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