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Weight loss is a concern for many people as health problems can manifest as a result of carrying too much extra weight.  However, it can be tricky to find the right weight loss product for you so we’ve put together a brief guide.


Cellulite Treatments

Cellulite is the bane of almost every woman’s existence.  However, there are some treatments that can help.  These include:


·        Mesotherapy – injections of natural substances into and around the site where cellulite is found.

·        Essential oils – essential oils can be used in conjunction with massage to break down fatty deposits and improve circulation.

·        Lymphatic drainage – lymphatic drainage massage improves the function of the lymphatic system, which helps to remove and filter waste, toxins and excess fluid.

·        Nutrition – a diet high in fluid and fibre and low in fat can help to reduce cellulite.  Vitamins, minerals, and herbs can also be helpful.

·        Body wraps – tighten the skin, reduce cellulite, and eliminate toxins.

·        Endermologie – a machine is used to create a gentle vacuum on the skin and it is massaged to encourage the breakdown of underlying fat.

·        VelaSmooth – uses a combination of radio frequency waves, laser, and massage to recontour the body by smoothing out cellulite.

·        Topical treatments – a good one will contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and ingredients to stimulate blood flow.

·        Exercise - one of the most overlooked yet most effective treatments.  Walking and cycling are two of the most effective.


Meal Replacements

Meal replacements are defined as a single food or pre-packaged selection of foods that is sold as a replacement for one or more of the daily meals but not as a total diet replacement.  These replacements reduce portion size and thus energy intake.  Replacing two meals a day while maintaining one other main meal is most effective for initial weight loss, while replacing one meal a day is enough for long term maintenance.


Meal replacements are convenient, they take away the need to think about food during the day and the calorie counting has already been done.  Look for a meal replacement that has 5-6 grams of fibre, and is no more than 850 kilojoules. Meal replacements have undergone an overhaul in recent years and are now a viable nutritional replacement.  However, they are not designed to be the only source of nutrition.


Weight Loss Pills

Weight loss pills are available in the chemist, supermarket or health food store.  There are many over the counter options as well as some prescription only options.  Weight loss pills can be a viable part of your weight loss plan but they need to be used responsibly.  For example, even if you are taking weight loss pills, you still need to eat fewer calories than your body uses in order to lose weight. 


Non prescription weight loss pills generally contain caffeine which increase the heart rate and basal metabolism and give you more energy in workouts, which can be effective for weight loss.  Most of these pills use green tea, bitter orange, hoodia, or chitosan.  Prescription weight loss pills are generally more effective but they do require medical supervision when used.  There are several different types of these pills and they all have a different mechanism of weight loss.  Phentermine is one of the best known and it is thought to be the safest of the weight loss pills. 


Weight Loss Programs

While some people prefer to lose weight on their own, others prefer the structure of a weight loss program.  If you do decide to join a program, you should ask the following questions:


·        Is counselling provided to help you change your eating and lifestyle habits?

·        Is the staff qualified?

·        Is training available on how to deal with times when you feel you may slip back into old habits?

·        Is attention paid to strategies to keep the weight off?

·        Are the choices in food flexible and suitable?

·        How are weight goals set and who sets them?

·        Is physical exercise recommended? What is recommended in this regard?


A safe weight loss program will give you a healthy eating plan that does not forbid specific foods or food groups, tips on how to increase your physical activity, tips on healthy behavioural changes, slow and steady weight loss, medical care if required, and a plan to help you keep the weight off.


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