Yoga Products


Yoga Products

Yoga is a very popular form of exercise that can be undertaken by almost anyone.  But what is needed to comfortably practice yoga?


Yoga Equipment

A yoga blanket is helpful as they can be used for relaxing in when the yoga exercises are completed.  They also offer support in a number of poses, including the head stand and the shoulder stand.  Use light blankets where possible.


Another piece of equipment that may be useful is eye bags. These are usually made from satin and filled with linseed or another light and organic material.


The bolster is very helpful when performing floor exercises and it can help to support the back, legs, and abdomen.


Yoga straps are made out of cotton or nylon and they allow you to grasp a body part when you yourself cannot.  Yoga straps give you extra flexibility and help you hold your pose for longer.


Yoga belts are made from cotton or nylon and are wide belts that help to support and align your back, as well as helping you to extend your grasp.  They are excellent in helping you to stretch your muscles, especially your hamstrings.


Yoga music helps you to practice yoga through helping with relaxing and meditating techniques.  It basically works through using certain and specific sounds that have a particular integrating quality for the body and mind.  It helps you to relax and free yourself so that you can achieve the exercise to its full potential.


Yoga DVDs are excellent and can be used by beginners and people that are more advanced in their practice.  They are a great choice for those that wish to practice yoga in their own home, or as a supplement to yoga classes.


Yoga Mats

The yoga mat is one of the most important yoga products as it helps the practitioner to grip while moving and holding individual postures.  There is a huge range available, made from synthetic materials, natural materials, or a combination of the two.  The basic categories include sticky mats, natural fibre mats, and natural rubber/vinyl mats.  Each mat will have its benefits depending on the type of yoga, the person’s preference, and the budget.


The yoga mat needs to be durable, and easy to care for.  Machine washable mats are preferable but most mats cannot be put through the spin cycle.  Air dry the mat either flat or hanging.  Do not roll or fold the mat before it is completely dry.


Yoga Balls

Yoga balls can be very beneficial for yoga practice.  They are a versatile prop that can help with many different postures, as they offer both support and balance.  Generally made from vinyl, they are available in different sizes so that you can pick the one that is best for you.  As well as the yoga ball, there are pumps available that can quickly and easily inflate the ball. They are very compact in size.


Yoga Clothing

Yoga pants need to be comfortable and allow for flexibility above all else.  Ideally, they will be loose fitting enough so that there is a complete range of movement without cutting into the skin or restricting the legs in any way.  Straight leg styles are the most popular but Capri, knee length, boot cut, and tight fitting styles are also available.  A tee shirt in a soft, comfortable material is ideal.  The aim is to find clothing that provides for the stretching that takes place in each pose, as well as being soft and covering the parts of the body that will come into contact with the yoga mat.  Ensure that you have a jacket to ensure that the muscles will not become chilled before or after the session.

Yoga swings consist of a cushioned fabric or nylon swing attached with an overhead pull up bar and six separate handles on ropes device at three adjustable heights.  You can complete postures and movements while being totally or partially suspended.

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