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The Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis Presents FasTrack Hypnotherapy Training

The Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis - Certification Course

Servicing area

Perth, WA, Sydney, NSW and Melbourne, VIC

Hypnotherapy Certification Training

Next Course Dates

Sydney, NSW

25th - 28th June 2021

Melbourne, VIC

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Perth, WA

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This Hypnotherapy Certification Course has been developed to qualify each graduate as a fully qualified Hypnotherapist and equip them with all the skills needed to very quickly, confidently and successfully commence a highly rewarding career or enhance their current professional work.

It is done in very small groups so as to be able to focus on areas that are of specific interest to the students attending. It is also designed to incorporate self-hypnosis as a personal development tool so that our students can overcome their own fears and limitations and experience new levels of success and fulfilment in every area of their life.

The course includes full training in all the usual issues that a Hypnotherapist may be called on to treat - as well as additional specialist trainings to meet high demand Hypnotherapy treatments such as;

‘Quitting Cigarettes’,
‘Weight Loss’ and
‘Stress, Anxiety and Panic Attacks’.

So what makes our training so different from any other training currently available anywhere in Australia?


Each specialist training included in this course is a complete qualification in its own right with separate Certification and a comprehensive system for total success –
And it is delivered in a format that is very easy to
learn, understand and put into practice.

We are offering this Sydney training for a special price of just


 The FasTrack Hypnotherapy Training includes:

Become a Fully Qualified Hypnotherapist with International Certification.

You will complete this training with all the knowledge and skills qualifications to be able to assist clients with the types of issues that people often seek help for.

These include; Nail Biting, Teeth Grinding, Jaw Clenching, Stress, Confidence Issues, Phobias, Exam Stress, Relaxation & Guided Meditation, Anger Management - and more.

Become a ‘Quit Cigarettes Specialist’ Hypnotherapist.

With our Quit Cigarettes training, you are equipped to assist clients to quit cigarettes using a proven system that is easy to follow, individualised to each client and has a 97% success rate.

It includes resources and training that covers every step of the process - including templates and marketing materials, all forms, how to get referrals from GP’s, how to gather the required information during the pre-session talk and incorporate it into the session, how to explain hypnosis to the client to gain maximum effectiveness from the process, full session scripts (personalised to each client’s unconscious triggers, patterns and blockages that need to be released for ultimate success) - and more. It also includes ‘back up’ procedures and is a complete system that ensures absolute success for the therapist and the client.

Quitting Cigarettes is a Specialised Area That Requires Specialised Training.

Become a ‘Desired Weight Specialist’ Hypnotherapist

As with the training for quitting smoking, our weight program is extremely comprehensive - with every step of the process methodically incorporated into a system that is easy to implement and extremely effective. It includes step by step processes, marketing materials, forms, exclusive follow up resources and so much more.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks Specialisation

Anxiety and Panic Attacks are reaching epidemic proportions in Australia, not only in adults but also in children. Drugs do not solve the problem. Hypnotherapy is a beautiful process to free people from the gripping fear caused by these attacks. This course includes comprehensive training in how to alleviate – and eliminate – anxiety and panic attacks.

Business Set-up Module

This part of the course is a brief component to assist people who have never set up a business and don’t know what to do. You will complete the course with an ABN, Professional Membership, Insurance, marketing materials - everything needed to start seeing clients.

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