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Connecting Light - Services

"Through our lives, we all repress emotions, store unprocessed energies, construct limiting or negative beliefs, develop issues and conditions or simply let life and other people influence us against our heart's desires. We can choose to do nothing and wait, or we can choose to be the ones in charge of our own lives. Our own mind can be our worst enemy or our best ally, restrict our expansion or let us experience the abundance of this world. This work offers opportunities to heal bodies, minds and souls; it is however up to each person to decide when the time has come to start this journey."

Jerome Baudel
Founder of Connecting Light

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List of Services

A part of Jerome's schedule is still regularly allocated for one-on-one appointments, offering a more personalized approach to healing and personal development, guidance and training. These services are offered worldwide over distance, or in-person in Sydney (Burwood, Inner West).

Energy Healing & Guidance
Energy Healing, Clearing, Reading, Psychic Guidance...
Distance & In-Person Appointments

Short Description: Jerome will create a unique treatment plan tailored to your needs and specific goals, and which may include:
  • Energy Healing Hands-on Treatments (combining techniques and energies from over 40 systems...)
  • Chakra / Aura Readings (becoming conscious of what is affecting you, your health and / or your life...)
  • Energy & Entity Clearing (permanently releasing the influence of unnecessary energies...)
  • Psychic Guidance (giving you new insights into the hidden influences from your past, in your present and future...)
  • Personal and Spiritual Development Information (expanding your knowledge and perspective...)
  • Ashati Energy Attunement
One-on-one Training & Coaching
Reiki, Ashati, Ascension, Psychic Dev., Spirituality...
In-Person Appointments

Short Description: Jerome will design a tailored and comprehensive one-on-one training plan for your specific needs, goals and budget. These are offered in one or more sessions of one to two and half hours, and can cover the following skills:
  • Energy Healing Training: Ashati / Reiki / Seichem / Golden Dragon / Kundalini Reiki
  • Psychic Development (personalised training and coaching program to learn new skills and unleash your gifts...)
  • Entity Rescue & Space Clearing (training to give you the ability to remove entities and unwanted energies...)
Some activities, homework and reading (manuals) will need to be done between sessions. Training certificates can be issued after completion of specific course syllabi.

Other Treatments Offered at Connecting Light
Please contact practitioners for details and to book an appointment.

  • Massage & Reiki Treatments - with Christiane Valette
  • Anxiety & Eating Disorder Counselling - with Michelle Lippey
  • Psychotherapy- with Pinar Karabulut
  • Psychotherapy- with Joyce Kum Chiu
For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!

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