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Be personally empowered and certified in NLP, Time Line Therapy™ techniques and Hypnotherapy plus more by multi award winning Trainer and Practitioner in NLP and Hypnotherapy, Dr. Vesna Grubacevic

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About Dr. Vesna Grubacevic

Dr. Vesna Grubacevic is the founder of multi award-winning company Qt, is a Performance Transformation Expert®, an internationally recognised and Certified NLP Trainer, Certified Hypnotherapy Trainer, Qt respect i ® Certified Master Practitioner and Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Trainer of Master Time Line Therapy™, Master NLP Practitioner and creator of breakthrough behavioural change techniques. She is the author of Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence (Amazon best-seller book, also received by Hollywood and Australian Celebrities, and featured on American and Australian TV and in the media) and the Transformational NLP Guide, co-author of Game Changers: Innovation in Business, creator of the Self Empowerment Technique©, a sought-after speaker, multi award winner, innovator and media commentator (being interviewed in many magazines, newspapers and on radio, has her own regular columns and extensively contributes articles). She also holds a BEc and has over 36 years’ experience in business and empowering individuals, teams and businesses.

Dr Vesna and Qt have won awards for excellence in NLP and Hypnotherapy, leadership, innovation, sustainability, marketing, strategy, speaking and more. These awards also recognise Dr Vesna’s innovative work in creating new and proven advanced behavioural change techniques, Qt respect i ®, and the development of our Qt respect i ® certification programs.

She is passionate about transformation, empowering you to excel in all areas of your life, and is totally dedicated to assisting you to achieve your results. Having being through her own personal transformation and seeing the results in her life, Dr. Grubacevic founded Qt to help empower others to produce outstanding transformational results in their life! She has a proven track record of empowering clients to achieve exceptional personal and business results.. fast!

Dr. Vesna Grubacevic looks forward to assisting you too on your journey of transformation and empowerment!

Wouldn’t now be the perfect time to transform your life, harness your infinite potential, accelerate your success, pursue your passion and achieve your dreams and heart’s desires?


      PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy


      Performance Transformation Expert™


      Certified NLP Trainer


      Certified Trainer of Hypnotherapy


      Certified Trainer of Qt respecti ®


      Certified Trainer of Master Time Line Therapy™


      Certified Master NLP Practitioner


      Certified Master Practitioner of Qt respecti ®


      Certified Master Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner


      Clinical Hypnotherapist


      Bachelor of Economics


      Author - Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence (gifted to Hollywood and Australian award winners, nominees, hosts and celebrities)


      Author - Transformational NLP Guide


      Creator of the Self Empowerment Technique©


      MCEI Award - Finalist 2010, Winner MCEI Award - Highly Commended 2010


      Winner - 2005 Presidents' Award, National Speakers' Association of Australia (Victoria)


      Media Commentator


      Over 35 years experience in business


      Proven track record of assisting clients to achieve fast results!


    Qt is an IICT and ASCH Approved Training Provider & Registered Trainer with the ABNLP, ABH and TLTA.

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