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Story of Herbal Medicine Research
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Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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 Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Information of Chinese medicine

Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine

A Story of Herbal Medicine Research

A Story of Herbal Medicine Research Chinese medicine made a huge contribution to medicine in 2015 with Professor Tu Youyou, an eighty-five year old TCM researcher of The Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, China, received half of the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2015. During the Vietnam War in the 1960s the Chinese government decided to set up a research program to find a new drug for treating malaria, which was highly prevalent in Vietnam. Many scientists conducted studies but their trials failed for 190 times. (1) One day, Ms. Tu Youyou found a record of malaria treatment with a Chinese herb QING HAO Artemisia in an ancient medical book dated back to 1600 years in the Jin dynasty. Rather than use the traditional boiling extraction methods, the Jin dynasty TCM doctor used the raw herbal juice instead. With this low temperature extraction method the malarial parasite had a 100% killing rate. Soon after Ms. Tu Youyou’s discovery, many TCM universities undertook clinical trials, and the chemical structure of the Artemisia was discovered. Through several decades of application and pharmaceutical refinement, the QING HAO SU (Artemisia extract drug) has been proven to become the most effective medicine for malaria surpassing Quinine, the traditional chemical drug for this disease. Soon it became the first choice of US marines for their overseas troops to combat malaria, and QING HAO SU (Coartem) was approved by FDA, United States, as a formal drug on 8 April 2009. (2) After wiping out malaria in China, the herbal drug was introduced to African countries where still were affected by malaria. Since then millions of lives have been saved. It is for this reason Professor Tu Youyou was awarded a Nobel Prize. (3) It is estimated that there are more than ten thousand of TCM books that were published before 1900 (4) which may contain hold great medical value waiting to be discovered. Studying Traditional Chinese Medicine is the first step of this discovery. The philosophy of TCM will benefit the learners. The enrolment into the Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine for 2019 has now opened. Open day is 21th July 2018, 10:00am – 2:00pm. The course will commence on 18 February 2019. Ph: (02) 0291191290

References: (1) TIANSHAN net 5 Oct 2015; (2) Journal of Guangzhou University of Pharmacology, 2009, 3; (3) Lanzhou Morning Herald 7 January 2018; (4) Baidu Wikipedia, TCM classic literature 12 November 2017

The enrollment into the Sydney Institute
of Traditional Chinese Medicine for 2019 has now opened!


Global Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine


(Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine)

  • Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine have spread into 183 countries globally. (1)
  • China has signed 83 international agreements with the governments where would like to develop TCM in their countries. (9)
  • National TCM Act / Registration have taken effect in the countries: Australia, South Africa, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Hungarian and Switzerland. Many other countries will follow. (2)
  • 45 out of 50 states recognized TCM in the USA and 5 out of 10 in Canada. (2)
  • UK and Europe regulated complementary medicine. (2)
  • German established and run a TCM hospital for more than 20 years now. (2)
  • Czech set up a TCM centre in 2016 (3)
  • Spanish is going to set up a TCM centre. (4)
  • Russia set up many TCM centre and schools in recent years. (2)
  • Global TCM industry is about USD$170 billion in 2016. (5)
  • There estimated that 300,000 TCM practitioners outside China and 40,000 medical doctors practice acupuncture. (2)
  • Nobel medicine price was awarded to a TCM professor Tu Youyou in 2015. (6)
  • 2018 Swedish Schobery Prize (USD$ 1 million) was award to Dr Chen Zhu (China), Anna Dejean (France) and Hugues De The (France) for their contribution on the treatment of APL (Leukemia) with As3O2 (Arsenic), which related to The TCM literature Compendium of Materia Medica 1590AD, China. (7)
  • Chinese government has provided Chinese medicine services to African people with more than 2,000 Chinese medicine doctors have been sent to Africa. (8)
  • More than 200,000 patients visit China for TCM treatments and 30,000 overseas students study TCM in China every year. (9)
  • 11,874,936 acupuncture services were provided by Australian General Practitioners from 1995-2011. (10)
  • Hong Kong is building the first TCM Hospital in history. (11)
  • President Trump first time signed acupuncture into USA Healthcare law. (12)
  • WHO will formally recognize TCM in 2019. (13)

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Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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