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Better Health Osteopathic & Integrative Medicine

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Address 40 Grosvenor ST
Bondi Junction NSW 2022
Servicing Areas Bondi Junction, Eastern Suburbs
Phone 02 9389 3689

Naturopathic medicine sees the whole picture of your body, not just individual organs or systems.

Better Health Naturopathic Medicine


The organs and systems that constitute your body are interdependent - if one system isn't functioning normally, dysfunction can manifest elsewhere as well. Everything that you eat, drink, do and think can influence your overall state of
well-being. Instead of focusing exclusively on an upset stomach or a headache, a naturopathic medical approach seeks to understand the underlying causes of these symptoms and to restore overall health. When the root cause of symptoms is uncovered, the individual symptoms are often resolved when treated with a sensible combination of dietary adjustment, lifestyle management and natural medicines.

Education is fundamental to the naturopathic process. Under naturopathic care, you become actively involved in your own wellness. Your naturopath relies on the feedback you supply regarding your health and in turn will supply you with an in-depth education on how your diet, lifestyle and health regimen affect your wellness.


Any condition that diminishes that state of glowing good health is a potential reason to visit a naturopath. Naturopaths can help a range of chronic as well as acute complaints such as poor digestion, sleep problems, mood changes, hormonal imbalances, skin conditions, insulin resistance and lowered

Couples wishing to start a family or people suffering from non-specific symptoms, such as fatigue or diminished memory, can all benefit from
naturopathic care. Naturopathic medicine is effective across the lifespan, from babies, young children and teenagers through to adults of all ages.

If you are taking natural medicine it is important that you consult a naturopath to ensure they are right for you. Just because a medicine has a natural source doesn't make it universally safe. Improper dosage, allergies, and harmful interactions can occur with plant-based and nutritional medicines, just as they do with pharmaceutical drugs.


Your initial consultation is structured to help us understand your health in as much detail as possible. A questionnaire is sent prior to your first appointment, allowing you to provide a detailed history along with your health concerns and current treatments or medications, as well as health habits and goals.

During the initial consultation your naturopath will discuss your health history and presenting condition. Your naturopath may use clinical tools, such as urine analysis, pH and zinc tests to help better understand your health and monitor progress. You may also be referred for food sensitivity testing, digestive stool analysis, salivary hormones or hair mineral analysis to help better understand your health.

At follow up appointments your naturopath will discuss your progress, review your prescription, identify road blocks and perform a live blood screening to monitor change. The focus is always on addressing the underlying
cause of your condition and promoting wellness for the longer term.


Following the first appointment your naturopath will review and evaluate your health history and design a comprehensive treatment plan, including specific
dietary and lifestyle recommendations and naturopathic medicine prescription. At your follow up appointment we will have ready for you any assessment results and a written, goal-orientated treatment plan, along with your naturopathic prescription and detailed dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

The initial stage of treatment focuses on alleviating symptoms and stimulating the body’s natural processes to commence healing. When your acute
symptoms are under control treatment is then focused on eliminating the underlying cause of the condition and supporting your wellness in the longer term. Better Health Clinics have an extensive on site dispensary, giving our naturopaths access to a wide range of the best available “Practitioner Only” natural medicines.

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For appointments or more information about our services just give us a call on 9389 3689.

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