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Kacie La

N-essentials Pty Ltd
Unit 2, 1A Southpark Cl
Keysborough VIC 3173

Servicing area: Australia & worldwide


All natural & organic bath & body care products to relax & rejuvenate you.

Soap Bars, Bath Salts, Soap Bases, Bodycare Bases, Vitamins, Etc.

N-essentials offers a wide range of high-quality bath and body care products made from specialty ingredients. These products are perfect for relaxation and will leave you feeling amazing after a hard day at work, or when you just want to cozy up at home. They are also best for moisturising and nurturing the skin, no matter what skin type you have.

Soap Bars

  • Natural African Black Soap
  • Goat’s Milk & Oatmeal Soap
  • Goat’s Milk & Honey Soap
  • Romance Soap
  • Working Man Soap
  • Clean Shave Soap
  • Dog Wash Soap
  • Neem Botanical Soap
  • Lavender Soap
  • Harmony Soap
  • Goat’s Milk Soap
  • Pure Herbal Soap
  • Earthy Tangerine Soap
  • Gardener Scrub Soap
  • Vitality Soap
  • Himalayan Salt Soap

Bath Salts

  • Epsom salt (Magnesium sulfate)
  • Himalayan Pink Salt (Bath grade fine granules)
  • Himalayan Pink Salt (Bath grade coarse granules)
  • Himalayan Pink Salt (Bath grade mixed granules)

Melt and Pour Soap Bases

  • Goat’s Milk Soap Base
  • Clear Soap Base
  • Clear No Sweat Soap Base
  • SLES and SLS Free Soap Base
  • White Soap Base
  • White No Sweat Soap Base

Bodycare Base Products

  • Natural Castile Liquid Soap
  • Unscented Cream Lotion Base Natural
  • Unscented Lotion Base Natural
  • Unscented Natural Conditioner Base
  • Unscented Hand and Body Wash Base Natural (SLS-free Clear)
  • Unscented Hand and Body Wash Base Natural (SLS-free Pearlised)


  • Natural Vitamin E Oil
  • Vitamin C powder

N-essentials also offers laundry care products, like:

  • Washing soda (Soda ash)
  • Borax powder

Enquire now to order and find out how these bath and body care products can help you.