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Peter Goebel

Spotswood VIC

OPTIMISE YOUR Health Wealth WITH 4HealthWealth.


4HealthWealth aims to facilitate cost effective Holistic Wellness; for people proactively seeking greater personal vitality, longevity and environmental health, for themselves, their families, friends and the wider community.

WELLNESS is about increasing your health span, living optimally until the day you die; adding years to your life and life to your years.

PURSUING WELLNESS is the process of developing and maintaining optimal function and vitality of physical physiological and emotional health (body mind and spirit) to your genetic potential; whilst enjoying life to the full for as long as you are able. The sooner you start your pursuit of wellness, the better your outcomes!

Currently in Australia, an average person spends around their last 12 years in dependent care. One's desired level of relative WELLNESS is clearly One's personal choice and responsibility to implement and achieve. Why not? Enhance wellness outcomes with 4HealthWealth!

Some people do achieve a greater level of their genetic potential, enjoying a better quality of life by proactively investing in wellness and implementing positive lifestyle choices; however most people progressively deteriorate with age, often needlessly developing chronic diseases and/or terminal illness due to poor diet, inadequate nutrition and exercise, excessive exposure to environmental toxins and diminished coping with the pressures of everyday life; resulting in physical, physiological and/or emotional stress, compounding their risk factor overload that may precipitate those various chronic degenerative and/or terminal conditions which are mostly manifestations of deteriorating cellular health or premature ageing.

Why is this so?

In this time of incredible growth in information technology, people have never been better informed! Perhaps too many people become mentally trapped or conditioned into thinking along the lines of the so called "sickness model." This is when people take wellness for granted and only implement remedial action, where possible, on a needs basis from one illness to another as their medium to long term health and quality of life accumulatively deteriorate.

Why do people languish in the "sickness model"?

There may be many reasons including: Old habits die hard; a genuine lack of understanding and regimented social conditioning; but possibly the most significant is the comfort zone of shirking personal responsibility for one's own health such as ""the doctor will get me well again." Like it or not, the good doctor of today, will place the responsibility back with their patients, by providing information on treatment options for patients to make those decisions themselves.

Why don't more people embrace the proactive wellness model?

Likewise there are a number of reasons, especially "I can't afford to!" "I haven't got the time!" "It's all a load of nonsense, you only need to do something about your health when you're sick; when you're not sick, you're well!" If only it were true, unfortunately, most chronic diseases and terminal illnesses start developing many years before that disease or terminal illness is perceived let alone diagnosed.

There is growing scientific evidence that we are, at a cellular level, genetically designed to live to an average of 120 years or more and to live healthy productive fulfilling lives for most of that time. In those regions of the world where people do live and thrive longer, there is comparatively: minimal environmental pollution, nutrient richer soils and fewer herbicides and pesticides, together with more purer air and water, resulting in production of relatively toxic chemical free, nutrient and antioxidant rich foods. They also tend to have lower social/emotional stress lifestyles; which all combines to better optimize genetic potential through possibly increased intracellular glutathione production to reduce cell degeneration, as well as facilitating the slowing of chromosome telomere shortening to enhance and extend gene protection during cell replication, thus delaying cellular ageing.

As well as by eating best available fresh organic whole foods, we too may enhance quality life extension by supporting cellular glutathione production and the telomere genetic protective function by: Reducing the impact of environmental pollution on the health of every cell in the body, making cellular nutritional cleansing part of daily life. Supplementing our nutrient poor foods with quality bio-available nutritional supplements. Doing appropriate regular physical exercise. Reducing stress with positive life choices; developing our reason for being; focusing on caring, love and good will; and replacing negative thoughts, beliefs, emotions and environments, with positive ones.

The average financial cost of so called "Health Care" (actually Sickness Care) for people over 65 years of age has been estimated at over 4 times greater than for people under 65. The cost in emotional stress, time and money to manage chronic disease and terminal illness is generally far greater than the cost of early preventive intervention; so let's have proactive wellness care!

4HealthWealth Towards Wellness Services aim to assist people overcome their barriers to taking ownership of their own health by:

PROVIDING basic generic information on personal & environmental health & wellness.

OFFERING one on one consultations using electronically accurate, computerised BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSIS to: Assess major risk factors for chronic disease. Specifically assessing & progressively monitoring healthy fat loss & active tissue growth; achieved through individualised lifestyle coaching in nutrition, diet and exercise, to attain one's health & fitness goals TOWARDS WELLNESS & QUALITY LIFE EXTENSION.

PROVIDING retail, discount, wholesale and/or on-line access to many state-of-the-art nutritional & cutting-edge wellness products, available both over-the-counter and/or via post (charges apply).



Empowering personal ownership of wellness through knowledge. Better understanding of, and applying, nature's wisdom through science. Learn more about: Wellness and the related concepts of HEALTH WEALTH.

Reducing risk factors for chronic degenerative disease or perhaps more aptly the symptoms of premature ageing like: allergic and other immune/autoimmune disorders, arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, dementia, obesity, type II & III diabetes, cardiovascular disease, digestive and eliminatory disorders, inflammatory and other degenerative conditions;

Nutritional & lifestyle management support options for such conditions; and

Enhance quality life extension through proactive implementation of effective healthy ageing protocols to improve - wellness, vitality, body composition, healthy sustainable fat loss and implementing responsible, cost effective life style and environmental changes, to reduce general exposure to harmful chemicals that may be found in some everyday consumer products.


Individualised full body massage to reduce physical tension and stress, to invigorate and enhance general wellbeing.


Peter R Goebel DC, FICMT, Dip.HM, Dip.NM, Crt.IV-VIS-O&M
Principal Consultant at:
76 Hudsons Road, Spotswood, Vic. 3015

Telephone: (03) 9391 9041




MONDAY 2:00pm - 6:00pm
TUESDAY 8:00am - 12:00pm & 2:00pm - 6:00pm
THURSDAY 8:00am - 12:00pm & 2:00pm - 6:00pm
FRIDAY 8:00am - 12:00pm

4HealthWealth (4HW) Towards Wellness Services FEES:
(As at 1st OCTOBER 2016)

4HW Holistic Wellness Assessment, Advice & Monitoring

Incorporating Bio Impedance Analysis (computerised electronic Body Composition Analysis), nutritional advice, lifestyle and weight management counselling; (excluding nutritional supplements etc.)

"IV" Initial Visit,
$31 + $29 per 15 minutes, MAXIMUM ......$118.00 or $109.00 CASH

"SV" Subsequent Visit,
$31.00 + $29 per 15 minutes, MINIMUM .....$60.00 or $57.00 CASH

4HW Holistic Wellness Massage
Localised areas and full body (Dependant on time),

"SV" Short Visit (5 - 15 minutes) ........$60.00 or $57.00 CASH

"NV" Normal Visit (16 - 30 minutes) ......$89.00 or $83.00 CASH

"LV" Long Visit (31 - 45 minutes) ........$118.00 or $109.00 CASH

"EV60","EV75", etc. Extended Visit (46 - 60, 61 - 75, etc. minutes)
Per each extra 15 minutes add ...........$29.00 or $26.00 CASH

FOR: "BIA" with massage visit:

Add $29.00 or $26.00 CASH to the above Fees.

PLEASE NOTE: The information contained herein was correct at the time of our last update, but is subject to change.

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