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I am dedicated to helping people break free from the constraints of their limiting self, so they can thrive in their human experience and fulfill their heart-centred potential.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (Single Session or 3 Session Package)

Servicing area

Melbourne, Australia + Globally via Zoom

Focus areas

Transformational therapy Trauma healing Somatic experiencing therapy Mental health & wellbeing Clinical hypnotherapy Complex trauma

Chrissie is a Specialist in the intersection of Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapy, Intuitive, Somatic and Liberatory Practices, working in Melbourne, Australia, and globally via Zoom.

Break-free of Limiting Aspects of Yourself 

Do you experience limiting mind and body symptoms, stressors, or sources of disquiet?

In safe and guided hypnosis sessions, you have a unique opportunity to uncover and reframe the root cause of limiting beliefs, patterns, triggers, and unresolved pain, and experience liberation from past trauma, so you can be free to heal, trust and love yourself, and embrace your heart-centred potential.

Amplify your vision.

Do you aspire to amplify your vision, and surpass glass ceilings? Work with Chrissie to access a new level of awareness, harness your innate wisdom to transcend limitations, amplify key exceptional abilities, and align your mind-body-heart-soul to experience inspired purpose, growth, and revolution.

Over each session for 30 days - you will receive: 

  • A Pre-Session discussion and Session (3 hours).  
    We discuss the main issue you desire to uplevel and focus on the most enhanced outcome. Chrissie uses this information to craft language used within your session and for your custom audio. 
    Session - Chrissie guides you into hypnosis to uncover and reframe the root cause of your main limiting belief, pattern, trigger, or unresolved pain, freeing you to heal, trust and love yourself, and embrace your heart-centred potential. 
  • Bespoke Audio - You are provided you with a custom hypnosis audio meticulously crafted for 21 days of immersion. This audio serves as a companion, acting as a guiding force to facilitate the integration of your newly enhanced awareness, upgraded beliefs, and divine connection to your true nature.
  • 1:1 Post-Session Support - dedicated one-on-one support is available to you throughout this period. 
  • Post-Session Meeting Chrissie eagerly anticipates hearing about your successes, asking questions that deepen your awareness of positive changes in your life, and may provide any additional supportive knowledge or simple practices.
Additional Knowledge & Practices

Beyond these services, Chrissie may suggest simple yet impactful practices to integrate into your daily routine and share knowledge that can further support your life-enhancing changes.

You are welcome to schedule a complimentary Zoom (teleconference) meeting with Chrissie to ask questions and discover if this is for you. 


  • Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist
  • Somatic Healer
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist

Professional Membership

  • IICT - International Institute For Complementary Therapists

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