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YogaNatal @ ACT Yoga & Meditation Centre

Vedanta Nicholson

Cockle St
O'Connor, Canberra ACT 2602

Servicing area: O'Connor, Canberra, ACT

YogaNatal @ ACT Yoga & Meditation Centre
Vedanta has 30 years experience as a prenatal yoga teacher and runs classes at  YogaNatal @ ACT Yoga & Meditation Centre in Canberra.

YogaNatal @ ACT Yoga & Meditation Centre


Vedanta offers Pre and Postnatal Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation classes. Also see our website for more  about Birthing workshops and consultations for Vedic astrology.

ACT Yoga & Meditation Centre established since 1989 offer these SATYANANDA YOGA classes in a peaceful garden studio in Canberra. Experienced yoga teachers guide you to progress at a comfortable level for yourself.  


Timetable and Content of classes

  1. Monday: Progressive Yoga, 5.30 pm   (Not for pregnancy) teacher  Vedanta

  2. Monday: Prenatal Yoga, 7.30 pm teacher Vedanta

  3. Tuesday: Prenatal Yoga, 5.30 pm a teacher Vedanta

  4. Wednesday: Postnatal Yoga, 10.30 am teacher Vedanta

  5. Wednesday: Prenatal Yoga, 5.30 pm teacher Vedanta

Content of Classes

Progressive Yoga & Meditation
This level is for students who wish to explore yoga in more depth extending the practices learnt in the foundation course. You are recommended to complete a minimum of two foundation courses and are encouraged to develop a regular personal yoga practice before moving on to the progressive level. Cost $165 for 8 week term

Prenatal Yoga & Meditation
Learn practices that strengthen, stretch, relax and energise. Preparing your body and mind to experience well-being during pregnancy and motherhood. Our classes are gentle and safe for any stage of pregnancy. Find out  how yoga awareness assists a positive birth experience. No previous experience of yoga is necessary. Cost $165 for 8 week term.

Postnatal Yoga
This class is for you and your baby from six weeks after birth until they can move about.  Women need to have done yoga before as it is not possible in this class to give detailed instruction. Cost $165 for 8 week term

Yoga & Active Birthing Skills Workshop - Empowering you and your partner


This unique workshop brings together two of Canberra’s most experienced Pre and Post Natal Yoga teachers who are excited to share their combined knowledge and commitment to empowering pregnant women and their partners.  

This is a practically oriented workshop which addresses the mind/body connection and its role in having a positive birth experience, however your birth unfolds. 

Make informed choices about the physical and mental skills available to empower your experience. 

Learn the essential role of a loving supportive  birth partner to assist you in feeling safe, secure and uninhibited. 

Be encouraged to trust the innate wisdom of your body and your baby.

During the day your partner will learn how to:

  • create a calm, supportive and loving atmosphere

  • ease discomfort with acupressure and massage

  • use relaxation and yogic breathing to keep the birth hormones flowing

  • support you in a variety of Active Birth positions 

  • encourage you to focus your mind with sound and movement 

  • use other natural pain relief techniques

  • practice mindfulness with meditation and visualization to witness sensations rather than reacting to them.

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Qualification Details
  • Teachers at the ACT Yoga & Meditation Centre are all Level 2 accredited teachers in Satyananda Yoga and members of SYTA.
  • Satyananda Yoga is a balanced and holistic approach bringing together practices from all major branches of yoga.
  • Vedanta also has a Diploma in Pre and Post Natal Yoga with IYTA.

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